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Monday, September 27, 2010

Art Opening: Spruill Arts Center

Do you ever find yourself at an event or outing thinking "I should do this sort of thing more often?". Feeling "in the moment" and knowing that it is a good moment? That is exactly how I felt at this art-opening last Thursday! Living in a large city, there is so much opportunity to explore art and culture. It felt very "The Artist's Way" to enjoy a lovely Fall weeknight by looking at beautiful art, being with a good friend, and enjoying great wine and food.

I am a big believer in "girls night out" (and "girls night in" for that matter). I am so lucky to have such awesome girlfriends in my life!!! We all need a little girl time, right! So, this was our "outing" for the week. My friend Jamie is an artist herself and works for the Spruill Center.

That's me and my friend Jamie :)

The art was amazing...and we even ended up with a photo of us taken by Michael David Murphy, one of the artists on exhibit, (photographer), this begs the questions...does this make this photo of us art? We like to think so! We actually both wanted to take a picture with the artist (but, were both too shy to ask LOL...Barbara and Kelly, where are you girls when we need ya!?!?):) We loved Michael David Murphy's quirky sense of finding humor and irony in urban landscapes. As Jamie expressed, there was a serendipitous quality to his photos. The works by the other exhibitor Margaret Fletcher were amazing too. She uses a really cool technique called encaustic painting or hot wax was amazing and beautiful and hard to describe. The great news is that you can see it for yourself! This exhibit is on display until Oct 31st. Also, please be sure to check out the artists' websites (linked under the Spruill Gallery heading).

Lets all strive to find a little more beauty in our everyday lives...and as always, enjoy our time with good friends!

And, if you have never read: "The Artist's Way"...then, you must!!!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love girls nights out! I am always ho hum on going and then end up having a ball with my girlfriends.

Unknown said...

Me too KK! I always feel re-charged after hanging with some good girlfriends! Its very theraputic! And...FUN! :)

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