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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oka-b Shoes Review: Love them!!!

I am so excited to be reviewing Oka-b shoes! Here are the most recent additions to my growing Oka-b collection:

They are the Stephanie, the Malia, the Lucy, the Annie, and the Madison.

These are my absolute favorite everyday casual shoes. And, literally, I wear them everyday. While my workplace is professional, the attire is casual and flip-flops are allowed "if they look like you purchased them at Nordstrom's" (my boss's rule: "Look cute"!). So, if you want comfortable and cute, these shoes are for you! Especially in the 90+ degree Sept heat in GA!

Interesting facts about Earth-Friendly Oka-b shoes:
  • They are made of 20% recycled materials
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They are recyclable! Just send your old ones in to the company and they can grind them up to make new shoes!
  • The messaging footbed is based on the principals of reflexology
  • They are made of a microplast material that resists bacteria and is very easy to clean: actually, they are dishwasher safe!
  • The shoes smell like vanilla...seriously! It is some sort of by-product of their production. Even after washing and wearing, they are still vanilla scented! LOVE IT!
  • The shoes are very resistant to, go ahead and go for those white flip-flops...they really will stay white!
  • Oka-b shoes are durable...I have been wearing this brand for about 2 years now and have yet to have a pair show any major wear.
  • All pairs retail between $20-$40: Available online at their website shoesthatloveyou.comor locally in fine spas and boutiques.
  • They offer both flat and wedge type styles in thong or slide styles.
Best of all: they are Made in the USA!!! Right here in Atlanta, GA!!!

Here is the pair that I wore today!

and here are some "surprise" shoes for Mom (thanks Kelly!)

Clearly, I could go on-and on about these shoes. They are comfortable and cute. They are appropriate for work as well as dressier occasions. Oka-b even has a bridal line. The Madisons are awesome because you can change out the ribbon to match your outfit.

Check out Oka-b's blog!

Opportunity for free shoes!
Check out the Oka-b website: and the facebook page as they are doing a pair-a-month giveaway, and frequently offer discounts when you subscribe to their facebook page!!!

Thanks again to my friend Kelly for introducing me to these great shoes!

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