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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

NEW from Kiehl's: Cannabis Oil Herbal Concentrate and Re-Launched Ultra Facial Cream

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NEW from Kiehl's: 
Cannabis Oil Herbal Concentrate and Re-Launched Ultra Facial Cream
What is new with Kiehl's? Well, they have a fantastic new Oil Concentrate and a re-formulation of a cult classic. I was so lucky that I got to try out these amazing products. :) Let's chat about them! 

Kiehl's Introduces an Herbal Treatment for Problem Skin formulated with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil:
I am so excited to see this new launch from Kiehl's! Cannabis is certainly the latest and hottest ingredient in the skincare industry. As regulations are lifting for the use of Cannabis across the board, we are just at the tip of the iceberg for tapping into the many uses of this amazing plant.

The Cannabis Oil Herbal Concentrate formula contains 100% naturally-derived* ingredients including Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Green Oregano Oil. These oils help to balance hydration and relieve the feeling of stressed skin. The herbal concentrate is appropriate for all skin types, including problem-, oily-, and blemish-prone skin. It even improves skin’s hydration levels for a full 8-hours. Does it surprise you to think of using oil on problem/blemish-prone skin? The fact is that people with problematic skin actually do need hydration and moisture! One of the hallmarks of blemish-prone skin is impaired barrier function. So, treating this with a medicinal oil does make sense! :) Not to mention, acne products are harsh. So, this skin is going to need other products with soothing properties to counteract that side effect. 

The arrival of this product into my hands had great timing! I over-did my benzol peroxide this week while treating a mild breakout. So, the area around my nose and on my chin is red and peeling. I find this Cannabis Oil Herbal Concentrate to be instantly soothing and hydrating! There is no question, this is a fantastic addition to my skincare arsenal! 

To Use:
Wash your face as usual and apply your toner and serum if you use those. Then apply about 2 drops to your face and gently pat in. Follow up with your moisturizer or moisturizing sunscreen. I like to use this in the evenings. That way this soothing product is layered on before my Rx acne cream (I use Retin-A). When my skin is feeling more irritated that usual, I apply both morning and evening. 

There is no question, this Cannabis Oil Concentrate from Kiehl's helped my skin! It boosts hydration while calming irritation. Plus, I love the medicinal scent. This product was also very easy to add to my routine. I just love it!!!

Kiehl's Iconic Ultra Facial Cream just got more EPIC!
Raise your hand if you already use this product or if you have previously used this product. Chances are, you are already a fan (like me!!!).

Let's start by reviewing some history of this infamous product:
Kiehl’s #1 best seller globally, Ultra Facial Cream became an instant cult product when it
launched in 2006. Inspired by the adventure-testing heritage of Kiehl’s, from the first ascent of Greenland’s peaks and the scaling of Mount Everest to the individual adventures of Kiehl’s loyal customers around the world, the “ultra hydrator” provides replenishment throughout the day by absorbing moisture from the air for continuous comfort and moisture-balanced skin.

Legendary for providing 24-hour hydration in a lightweight and non-greasy texture that is perfect for everyday use, it’s no surprise that the cream has won over 70 international beauty awards, garnered over 200,000 online reviews from Kiehl’s customers, and that 10 jars are sold globally per minute.

So, what is the scoop? I have some intel directly from Kiehl's about this new formulation:
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is now formulated without parabens, carbamides and T.E.A.!

While relaunching the formula, Kiehl’s chemists also took the opportunity to conduct additional hydration testing, utilizing a testing methodology that can map hydration results across multiple areas of the face. After just one application, facial skin is 2.3x more hydrated. Skin is softer, smoother, and visibly healthier looking. The new formula was also tested for tolerance on panels of multiple ethnicities and sensitive skins, and was clinically demonstrated in an instrumental study to strengthen the moisture barrier of all skin types.

So, why change the formula?
That is a good question. Why mess with a good thing, right? Well, since the original Ultra Facial Cream launched more than 13 years ago, customer preferences around ingredients have changed.
Based on customers continued interest in products that do not include parabens, in the mid-2000s, Kiehl’s made the choice to develop all new formulas without parabens. By the end of 2019, Kiehl’s entire portfolio will be paraben- free.

Given the global popularity of Ultra Facial Cream, this was Kiehl’s most challenging reformulation to tackle. Kiehl’s chemists take extra care with product reformulations to ensure that users of the existing formula do not feel like that application experience is compromised. It can take dozens of trials over multiple years to create a formula that matches the experience, performance and safety of the original product.

“Reformulating a product that is already incredibly beloved by Kiehl’s customers worldwide is one of the hardest things we do in Product Innovation,” shares Roberta Weiss, Head of Product Innovation for Kiehl’s. “It’s an enormous challenge to match the customer’s experience when reformulating an existing product. To achieve this, it took 114 formulations over 5 years to achieve parity in texture, application, experience, and performance.”

Ingredients and Testing:
Ultra Facial Cream is made with:

  • Glacial Glycoprotein—a protein derived from micro-organisms sea glaciers and notable for its ability to thrive in extreme climates. In skincare, this ingredient is known to protect and deeply hydrate, while preventing water loss from the skin. 
  • Olive-Derived Squalane—a highly refined moisturizing oil that helps to maintain skin’s moisture. 
Ultra Facial Cream is made WITHOUT:
  • Parabens—preservatives.
  • Carbamide—also known as Urea, an exfoliator that can irritate skin.
  • T.E.A—used as a pH balancer.
So, what is my verdict! I just love the new formula of Kiehl's most popular Ultra Facial Cream. I honestly like it just as much as the original...however, now I can be even more confident when I use it because it is paraben-free!

Be sure to check out these products next time you are at a Kiehl's store or anywhere that sells Kiehl's! You will not be dissapointed in these products. They are perfect for soothing and boosting hydration in this long winter!!!

As always, thanks for reading! 

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