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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy Zodiac Collection

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If you knew me in the late 90s, chances are that I drew your chart. For me, it was more about digging into deep conversation while getting to know someone. While I am no longer chart-drawing, I still have an affinity for the zodiac. So, I am digging this new Zodiac collection form one of my fav lip balm makers Fresh Beauty! Each sign has its own unique packaging and the same fresh lip balm formula inside. 

Fresh and famed astrologer Susan Miller are pairing up for a new limited-edition collection for your pout. Out now, the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy Zodiac Collection features 12 treatments from the iconic advanced therapy collection that represent one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. (, $26 each)

Sold individually, each of the Zodiac Sugar Lip Treatments are designed with its own astrology-inspired packaging while providing the same non-tinted nourishing benefits as the original Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy. Lips are left smoother, healthier-looking, and moisturized for 24 hourswith a plumping effect.

As a special bonus, will feature an exclusive online horoscope by astrologer-to-the-stars Susan Miller. The founder of the award-winning website Astrology Zone and a best-selling author, columnist, and lecturer, Susan has millions of devoted followers around the world.

Available in time for the holidays, the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy Zodiac Collection allows guests to take personalization to a new level. 

What’s your sign? My sign is Cancer with my moon in Scorpio. 

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