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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Luxury at its Best: Fragrance, Skincare, and Lippies from ARMANI

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Luxury skincare, makeup, and fragrance are such delectable and indulgent treats. I have recently started exploring the Giorgio Armani Beauty line and I am so impressed! From fragrance, to skincare, to makeup, these items are the ultimate luxury treats. 

Giorgio Armani beauty has some really impressive recent launches. I had the chance to try out some skincare, fragrance for him and her, and some lip products. Let's dive right in to details about each product. 


First, lets talk about this gorgeous packaging. The sleek shiny red bottle screams sophistication, passion, and luxury. There is no question that this bottle stands out amongst my sea of clear glass perfume bottles on my vanity. Its elegant, sexy, and sophisticated. 

The scent itself is a modern classic. It is a beautiful scent with notes of rose and woody warm vanilla and pear. The overally effect is super sexy and sophisticated. Vanilla is one of my favorite perfume notes as I tend to gravitate towards more vanilla and gourmand-type scents. So, I anticipate this may become one of my new signature scents! 

Overall, I just love this scent! It is passionate and sexy and will totally evoke those coveted "You smell great, what are you wearing?" type comments. 

Retails from $68-$116 (for 1.0-3.4 fl oz bottles). 

This is a NEW and Limited Edition twist on the classic Armani Code fragrance. Armani Code A-List adds Bergamot and Green Mandarin notes to the popular Armani Code scent. This scent is strong, mangnetic, and seductive. 

This woody and oriental scent combines bergamot essence and green mandarin with smoky tones of gaïac wood. Plus, layers of lavender heart and the intensity of tonka beans. 

Retails from $68-$82.00 (for 1.7-2.5 oz bottles).

(Launched June 2018)
A collection of exceptional new shades were added to the LIP MAESTRO and LIP MAGNET collections. These new LIP VIBES have the modern elegance that characterizes Giorgio Armani cosmetics. There is no question, these are the most beautifully packaged and sophisticated lippies in my makeup collection! These are weightless liquid lipsticks that are smudge-proof and matte. They are so light and completely weightless. Yet, they pack in such vivid color and impact. 

The lip vibes products use a “water in oil” emulsion. This means that the water in the formula gradually evaporates after you apply. This allows a fusing of the oil and pigments which results in a veil of highly-concentrated and extremely long-lasting color.

While I didn't get to try any of the new shades, I did try a few other pretty shades from the collection. I got to try Lip Magnet shades 500 and 506. The Lip Magnet lip shades are so intense! They lay down a second-skin like intense matte color that really lasts. One swipe gives you complete perfect coverage. I am so impressed. These are BEAUTIFUL! The Lip Maestro gives intense velvet color. I got to try out shade 500 in Lip Maestro. 

These lip shades retail for $38.00 each. 

These gorgeous lippies are liquid lipsticks with the shine of a lacquer and the intense color and hold of a lip stain. Armani's liquid vinyl technology holds a high concentration of water soluable pigments which allows for pure vivid color and amazing long wear. These are available in 24 shades. I got to try out 511, which is a gorgeous soft rosey nude. 

This is a fantastic anti-aging product for both eyes and lips. The formula fights fine lines and dark circles in your lip area while also working to prevent feathering of lipstick around your lips into the surrounding area. It creates a more defined lip line. It also works beautifully under highly pigmented concealer. So, it creates a beautiful base for your concealer application to disquise your dark circles. Since dark under eye circles are my #1 beauty compaint, this is an amazing product! Seriously, I need all the help I can get in the under-eye area. This product really helps me to look more rested and awake. 

Retails for $70.00. 

If you are looking to update your fragrance, get bold and sophisticated stand-out lips, or if you are seeking to look more rested and disquise your dark circles, ARMANI has some products just right for you! I absolutely love all of these items that I mentioned. I honestly can't wait to explore the ARMANI beauty line further! 

As always, thanks for reading!

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