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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

On-the-Go Emergency Essentials: The RESCUEHER Day or Night Rescue Kit

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On-the-Go Emergency Essentials: The RESCUEHER Day or Night Rescue Kit:

I have found the ultimate rescue kit for busy women on-the-go! Introducing the RESCUEHER Day or Night Rescue Kit!  

The RESCUEHER beauty kit is awesome! Honestly, you might never be stranded without your beauty essentials ever again. Believe me, I have tried a few emergency kits over the years and none of them have been as comprehensive as this one! Granted, it is a bit larger in size than the others that I have tried, but it is still small enough to be portible and an easy addition to your purse, backpack, or suitcase, or desk drawer. 

Here is the Scoop:
The RESCUEHER kit contains 34 must-have, cosmetic, personal, and essential items that ensure that you are never in dire straits without your essentials. This zipper topped bag has a removable cross body chain and two interior pockets (one fold pocket and one zip pocket). The items inside are an assortment of branded items and RESCUEHER brand items in mini/travel sizes. 

From BB cream, to a contour pallet, to Advil and earring backs, RESCUEHER has got you covered and makes for a perfect gift! Honestly, I have never had an emergency kit with makeup included. The makeup palette is in universally flattering shades. The BB Cream is too dark. So, I am going to switch it out for a travel sized IT Cosmetics one that I have on hand. Also, the mascara looked a bit gloopy to me. So, I am going to switch that out to a new unopened mini tube. The kit also includes much, much more like: a mini sewing kit, an eye liner, hair spray, lip gloss, a comb, deoderant, nail glue, bobby pins (will switch out the black ones for blonde ones), hair ties, mint breath drops, bronzer, band aids, tooth flossers, maxi pad liners, tampons, tweezers, earring backs, and more! 

Once you unbox the items (the items inside are boxed), you will have a little bit of additional space left over to personalize this kit by adding a few more items if you need. I added some more medicines, kid's bandaids, wound disinfectant, and hand wipes. 

If you are looking for a great gift for a friend or yourself, you can't go wrong with this awesome kit! Be sure to check out the RESCUEHER kit here! :) 

What do you like to keep in your emergency kits? I would love to hear (and get more ideas!!!).

As always, thanks for reading!

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