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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Must Have Products for Spring and Summer: SunIn Natural Hair Highlights and More!

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Must Have Products for Spring and Summer: SunIn and More! 
Spring and Summer are my two favorite seasons of the year. When the colder months melt away and the breezy Spring and hot Summer months arrive, it is usually time for me to shake up my beauty routine. There are specific products that I tend to gravitate towards during the warm (lets be real, I mean hot) Spring and Summer months. So, lets jump right in and start chatting about products! 

Spring and Summer: 
Brighten Your Hair!

While I am blonde year-round, I do tend to go for heavier highlights in the Spring and Summer months. SunIn is a fantastic product to add to your beauty arsenal for lightening your hair quickly and easily (and affordably!). Granted, I do get professional highlights. However, I still find that using SunIn is super helpful to stretch out my highlight appointments or to add brightness to areas that I do not get professionally highlighted. I only get partial highlights. So, the underneath of my hair is basically "virgin" hair. I like to brighten up that area even more during the Spring and Summer and SunIn makes it so easy to do that!

Before and After

While I do like to brighten with a heavier hand in the Spring and Summer, I must mention that SunIn isn't just for the warm months! I do use SunIn year-round to stretch out my highlights by strategic application to my root area. I just like to use it with a heavier hand in the Spring and Summer! So, SunIn can totally be used year round!!! It is actually heat activated, not just Sun-activated. So, you can lighten up your locks with a hairdryer or with the Sun. You can choose what you like to do best! I really trust the SunIn brand when it comes to lightening my hair at home. This brand has been around since the 70s and I have used SunIn products off and on for about 2 decades! SunIn gives me the same type of natural highlights that I get from the sun...only faster! Plus, SunIn is alcohol-free and it is formulated with conditioning ingredients and illuminators that give your hair an extra boost of shine. It conditions as it highlights to bring out your natural blonde. No worries if you are brunette, it works to lighten brown hair, too! 

It is super easy to add SunIn to my morning or evening beauty routine after my shower. I just wash my hair as usual. Then, when I am ready to blow dry my hair, I just squirt a little bit of SunIn to the areas that I want to lighten and then I just blow dry as usual. Right now, I am focusing on the underneath areas of my hair as that is the area which I would love to lighten a bit with a few streaks. So, I just spray in and then blow dry. Super easy!

Go Bronze!
Short shorts and sundresses mean there is certainly more skin exposed during the Spring and Summer, right? Well, what better time to go bronze?!?! For me, going bronze means literally adding a bronzer or a self-tanner. I have super fair skin and skin cancer runs in the family. So, I opt for high SPF protection every day and seek shade when I am outdoors. So, the best bronze that I can get is through self-tanners or body and face bronzers. They are effective and much more safe than tanning in the sun. 

There are literally a ton of bronzers and self-tanners that I love. So, I will share some of the latest and greatest that I am loving right now...

I love this beautiful body gloss! It gives such impact with no commitment. It lasts literally one night (until you wash it off). It gives a lovely hint of sheer color with a glossy finish. I love that the finish is luminous without being at all sparkly. This is lovely on the legs or on the arms/shoulders. Think of this product as instant enhancement...just enough to boost your confidence and give your skin an extra bit of radiance and a touch of color. I am rather obcessed with it! 

I have quite an assortment of Jergens Natural Glow products in my glow boosting skincare arsenal. Here are a couple of my favorites and stand-outs from Jergens! I love using Jergens Natural Glow self-tanners as they are gradual tanners...meaning: they tan slowly and over time. I usually see a subtle effect after 1 day with the full result around 3-4 days. I tend to gravitate towards gradual tanners rather than traditional self-tanners because they are easier to use. With a lower concentration of the active tanning ingredient and application over a few days, you are less likely to have streaks and patches from uneven application. With traditional self-tanners it is a process of exfoliation and careful application. With gradual tanners, you just slap these bad boys on like a regular moisturizer! Easy-peasy!!!  

I am really enjoying the foam texture of the Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer for use in the evenings. The foam feels so lightweight for warmer weather! I like applying this on my legs after my evening showers. When I wake up in the mornings, I can see the color change on my legs! For the mornings, I prefer to use the Jergens Natural Glow +Protect with SPF 20. This way, I can save a step! I have both SPF and gradual tanner in one. Now, SPF 20 is kinda low for me (living in the south with fair skin). So, I use this on my legs only as I want a higher SPF on my arms, shoulders, and face. 

I have explored a few of the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze products over the years, and really do enjoy the line as a whole. Currently, I just started using the Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Serum. In like the serum texture of this product. It develops fantastic color over 3 days. It is super easy to apply and I like that I can use it on both my body and face. It is my go-to for face tanning as I do not seem to break out from it. I am curious to explore more of the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze products as we get further into the Summer! I have my eye on the Sublime Bronze Tinted Tanning lotion next! ;) 

I don't always self-tan on my face. So, to make my body match my face, a powder bronzer is needed! I really like theis Lumi Bronze It Bronzers as it is big enough for the face and body! I apply to my face in a "3" shape with a fluffy brush to add color and contour. Then I take the color just a bit down my neck and onto my chest. This product gives great color and a bit of a shimmery glow!  

So, these are just some of my Must-Have Products for Spring and Summer when it comes to getting my hair lightened and my body bronzed! I just love SunIn and the bronzers and self-tanners that I mentioned above. I would love to hear what you are loving, too! 

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