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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Get Your Perfect Pout with Sara Happ: The Ultimate Lip Facial Products!

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Get Your Perfect Pout with Sara Happ: 
The Ultimate Lip Facial Products!

A lip facial? Yes!!! 

My lips struggle. I have some issues with my lips being chronically dry and somewhat chapped and flaky. Yes, I apply lip balm frequently, and all of that. However, I still struggle. That is why I am so impressed with Sara Happ's lip products which give you the ulimate lip facial experience! 

Ya'll, let me just tell you, consistant use of her products has transformed my lips. Literally. My lips are soft, smooth, and plump and I totally attribute the better health of my lips to Sara Happ!

Sara Happ's Perfect Pout in a Box is an easy and fun way to get familiar with the products and steps in Sara's Lip Facial. The set includes the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub, the Sweet Clay Lip Mask, and the best-selling Lip Slip One Luxe Balm.

Here are Sara Happ's tips on How to Use the 3-part Lip Facial Routine with the Perfect Pout in a Box:

Brown Sugar Scrub: 
Massage the scrub onto your lips using firm, circular motions. Then, wipe away with a tissue.

The Lip Slip: 
After exfoliating with The Lip Scrub and tissuing off, smooth the Lip Slip onto your lips. You can wear it alone for shine or layer it over or under lip color. You can also apply it before bed to wake up to super hydrated and plump lips in the morning!

Sweet Clay Lip Mask: 
As a special treat you can give your lips a lip mask! Just slather the lip mask on generously. amount of this creamy mask onto lips, like frosting on cake. Let it sit for 2 minutes or 20, daily or nightly. Wipe away using a warm washcloth or tissue. 

Retails for $62 ($78 Value) at 

I have absolutely found some new lip favorites here!!! I use the Lip Slip the most. After my lips got into good condition, I could decrease the frequency of using the lip scrub. The lip mask is a nice treat when I am feeling like my lips need a little extra moisture or if I am just in the mood to do some beauty pampering! 

Since we are talking Sara Happ, there is another product that is new from the brand! Introducing Sara Happ's newest Lip Scrub: Sprinkles Red Velvet! It tastes EXACTLY like Sprinkles' best-selling Red Velvet cupcake, but this Scrub delivers velvety smooth lips as well :)

Sara and Candace, Sprinkles' founder, worked together to create the perfect indulgent beauty treat. And even better - 10% of proceeds will go to Baby2Baby to help children in need. 

Pricing and Availability: $22; and Sprinkles Bakeries on April 23rd, Nationwide Retailers on May 7th 

Be sure to check out these amazing lip products from Sara Happ. Seriously, your lips will thank you! 
I have never been so pleased with the condition of my lips. LOVE this stuff!!!

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