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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Get Your Pout Ready for Spring with Lip Products from Jessie's Girl Cosmetics

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Get Your Pout Ready for Spring with Lip Products from Jessie's Girl Cosmetics!

Gone are the dreary days of Winter. We are now in the midst of early Spring. So, that means it is time for a makeup re-fresh for me! Sure, I never wear a ton of makeup. However, as ya'll know, I do like to play with it, lol! Jesse's Girl has a fantastic lineup of new additions to their lip product lines: Lipsticks and GlowStix glosses.  Jesse's Girl sent over a range of shades for me to try out and I have honestly been having so much fun with these! 

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics are known for their fashion-forward and budget-friendly cosmetics. The products are super fun and on-trend. Plus, such great quality!

Jesse's Girl has just expanded their award-winning line of GlowStix to include six new shades. These holographic glosses add such unique color and effect to your lips. You can wear them alone or over lipsticks or other lip color as a base to create unique combinations. The liquid crystal technology and holographic effect is eye-catching and can be so stunning! Plus, the new packaging packs in over twise the volume of their previous packaging. So, you are getting more for your money (retail $9.95 each). 

New Shades and Additions:
  • 80275 Titania (NEW): Warm tone - Fire coral color finish with accents of yellow and orange.
  • 80276 Pandora (NEW): Crushed Crystals in warm gold with lime green and electric yellow finish.
  • 80277 Aurora (NEW): Electric teal with a holographic glow of purples, indigo and greens.
  • 80278 Nova  (NEW): Cotton candy pink with a purple/blue finish.  The deepest in color of the group.
  • 80279 Cassiopeia (NEW): Amazing combo of orange and green with more intensity on the holographic effect.
  • 80280 Astrid (NEW): Crushed golden crystals with a glowing creamsicle finish. Oranges and yellows combine for the perfect subtle finish.
  • 80281 Red Dawn: Same as original…A stunning iridescent, holographic orange with red shift.   
  • 80282 Wicked: Amazing luminous, holographic green with blue shift.   


Jesse's Girl has also re-introduced their Jesse's Girl Lipstick with 12 new shades with a newly designed case and new formula! I absolutely love this assortment...especially the nudes and the pinks.  The new packaging is super sleek and expensive looking. Plus, the formula is hydrating and lays down beautiful color! These retail for $4.99 each. 

You can find Jesse's Girl online on the Jesse's Girl website or on Amazon. 

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