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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

NEW from Revlon: Youth FX Foundation, Primers, and Concealer

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Have you seen this new Youth FX range from Revlon in the drugstore? It promises to instantly transform the look of lines and wrinkles. I am so excited to be able to give it a try! While I certainly do not have any major lines nor wrinkles yet, I do have a few fine lines that I would love to minimize as much as possible. Plus, I like trying out any new anti-aging formula as I think it is so important to have good skincare ingredients infused into your makeup products. I mean...why not! If you are putting it on your face anyway, if your makeup gives an anti-aging boost that it is that much better. 

So, while I do not have any major lines nor wrinkles yet, I do have some expression lines and some fine lines that crop up around my eyes and mouth when my skin is dehydrated. So, I am excited to see what this line does for me as far as preventing and blurring my fine lines! Not to mention, I already am a fan of Revlon's foundations, primers, and concealers. So, I am super excited to try these that have the boost of anti-aging ingredients! 

The Youth FX line from Revlon is infused with innovative age-correcting Fill + Blur technology which includes  microfillers and optical diffusers that both fill-in and blur fine lines and wrinkles. Sounds fantastic, right? Plus, lets just add that this is all at a drugstore price and the convenience of easy availability at your local drugstore. 

So, lets talk about these new Youth FX products from Revlon! Please click "read more" below to learn more about this new line.

The NEW Youth FX line from Revlon is comprised of 4 innovative products, each product contains powerful formulas developed with Fill + Blur technology that are designed to not only blur, but fill in wrinkles and instantly correct the visible signs of aging.

In addition to instantly making your skin look younger, the Youth FX formulas are created to work in harmony with one another to create the optimal look. They move with skin for a comfortable feel all day while still looking freshly applied. Plus, these products don’t settle into lines.

So, lets talk about these awesome new Youth FX products from Revlon in the order in which I apply them. I always start with primers, then concealer, and then finish up with foundation. 

Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Forehead:
I must admit, I do have expression lines on my forehead. I have had them since my early 20's. They are not that deep, but they are noticable to me. I am so excited that there is now a specific product to target this very specific concern of mine! 

The Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Forehead is super easy to apply. It is packaged in a bottle that reminds me of a nail polish bottle with a brush. I just swipe and dab the primer directly onto my forehead lines with the little brush. 

Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck:
My second step is to prime the rest of my face with the Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck. This product is designed to cover larger areas. I really like the packaging of this primer! To use I just push the button at the bottom to a few times to release the product into the applicator sponge at the top of the product. The unique shape of the tip is great for targeting the product into specific areas. So, while I could use this across my whole face, I really use it more to target my specific areas of concern like my lines around my mouth and my pores in my t-zone area. 

Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Concealer:
After letting my primers set/dry for a minute or so, I am ready to move on to concealer! I just adore the idea of a concealer with built-in fillers and optical diffusers. There is no question that your eyes are one of the first areas of your face where you show age. So, I want as much "perfecting" power there as possible! I have very fair skin. So, I use the shade #01 Fair in this concealer. I really love the lightweight feel of this concealer! While it is lightweight, it does give pretty decent coverage and the moisturizing feel really works for the under eye area (which is my main area of need for concealing coverage because of my dark circles). While this product doesn't cover my dark circles completely (note: my dark circles are uber dark and only a super high coverage thick concealer covers them completely...and honestly, I don't always want that much heavy coverage), it does a pretty darn good job at covering them up. The product itself is easy to use and packaged in a very handy way. Just click the bottom button to release the product into the applicator sponge. Then just swipe directly onto the area you want to cover. While I use this primarily for the under eye area, you can use it anywhere on your face that you want extra coverage. 

Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Foundation with SPF 20:
My final step in using the Youth FX line is to apply the foundation. I like using a brush. However, you can apply how you like using either your fingers, a brush, or a sponge. This foundation formula is nicely lightweight and it feels very hydrating on your skin. Plus, I love that it contains an SPF 20! I am all about boosting my SPF with my foundations and SPF 20 is a nice level of SPF for everyday wear. I wear the shade #130 Porcelain which is a pretty good match for my fair skin. 


I just love the finished look that I get when I combine these four amazing new Youth FX products from Revlon. My skin looks smoother and more flawless. The results are really instant! 

I think that no matter what your age or where you are with your lines and wrinkles, you will be happy with these skin perfecting products. They leave my skin looking smooth and feeling hydrated! 

Have you given the Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur products yet? I would love to know what you think, too! 

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