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Monday, October 2, 2017

MyChelle Lip Hints™ Conditioning Lip Balms 4-in-1 lip treatment

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I am so excited that I get to share about one of MyChelle’s newest and most anticipated launches to date: Lip Hints™ Conditioning Lip Balms, a 4-in-1 lip treatment to nourish, soothe, deeply hydrate, and prime lips for a soft, dewy look that is never sticky.

I am always in need of lip moisture! Yes, my lips tend to be on the dry side. So, I tend to seek out lip color and lip treatments that are super hydrating. Often, I opt for a balm over traditional lipstick or gloss. So, these MyChelle Lip Hints™ Conditioning Lip Balms are right up my alley. 

The MyChelle Lip Hints™ Conditioning Lip Balms are a rich balm that melts right into your lips. The balms are formulated with pure and mineral pigments plus a blend of Shea Butter, Coconut, Kalahari Melon, and Meadowfoam Oils for a soft dewy look. Your lips never feel sticky with these Lip Hints! The 4-in-1 lip treatment soothes, nourishes, hydrates, and primes lips. You can either wear these on their own or you can layer them under lip color. 

They are cutely packaged in a tub. I love the fresh minty scent/flavor of these balms. These balms feel super soothing going on and the tinted versions leave behind just a hint of color. 

  • Sheer: The perfect, translucent, everyday essential
  • Plum: A velvety plum shade ideal for a sophisticated finish. 
  • Nude: A versatile, modern nude that warms up any look.
  • Berry: Fresh berry tone blossoms to a rosy flush. 

If you are looking for a soothing minty balm with a hint of color (or sheer shine), be sure to check out these awesome MyChelle Lip Hints™ Conditioning Lip Balms


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