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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Super Fresh Fragrance for Late Summer: CLEAN Eau Fraiche Air & Coconut Water

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Summer days are about un-fussy beauty for me. That goes for my fragrance, too. I don't want heavy fragrances for when it is super hot outside. Instead, I prefer light and fresh scents for the warm months. I just like a light mist of fragrance in the mornings with a touch-up later in the day, if needed, when I freshen up. Hey-this super hot late Summer weather in Georgia often means a mid-day freshen up is needed! 

I am absolutely loving CLEAN Eau Fraiche Air & Coconut Water for my Summer scent right now! There is just something so special about this scent. It feels clean and light to wear it and it's lemony zest just makes me happy! 

Clean Eau Fraiche Air & Coconut Water is a vibrant and lively fragrance that sparkles with delicate top notes of cassis and sunny lemon followed by the fresh floralcy of white rose and freesia. The scent is warmed by tropical coconut, solar florals, tonka bean, and musk. Best for those with a fun, easy going, and youthful outlook on life. 

I really am obcessed with this scent! I don't get a lot of coconut from it, the lemon and freesia certainly come out the most for me. I love the complexity of this scent and the super fresh and light feeling I get when wearing it. 

I would love to explore the rest of the CLEAN Eau Fraiche lineup: Rain & Pear (the combo sounds lovely!), Clean Warm Cotton & Mandarin, Skin & Vanilla, and Fresh Laundry & Lavender. 

CLEAN Eau Fraiche Air & Coconut Water retail for $48.00 at Kohl's. 

Be sure to check this scent out if you are looking for something super refreshing and uplifting to wear. 

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