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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

RITUALS Spa-Like Scents for You and Your Home: Summer to Fall Transition!

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Have you discovered RITUALS products? RITUALS is hands-down one of my favorite brands for high end spa-like fragrance, candles, and bath products. 

Today I am going to be talking about an assortment of new additions to my RITUALS collection. These scents are nothing short of divine and are the perfect fragrances to take you from Summer into Fall. Do you know what else I love about these items? My husband is just as into the fragrances as I am. So, I would say that these scents are universally appealing to both men as well as women. That is a feat! 

This is such a unique scent! While it is named a Summer scent, there is no question that this scent can not only take you into Fall; but, also could easily be worn year-round. The packaging is so sleek and elegant with the white bottle and the gold accents. There is no question that there is a lightness and freshness to this scent. However, it also has a sophisticated femininity and an undeniable sexiness to it. I think it is the jasmine and the orchid that draws me in the most. I absolutely love wearing this scent and, like I mentioned, my husband really likes it on me, too. 

Inspired by a fragrant, lush oasis hidden in the wilderness of ancient Arabia, this scent is refined by rose, Indian sambac jasmine, heliotrope and Indonesion orchid. The fresh coolness of spring water and bamboo makes this perfume the best fragrance for every occasion. Retails for $75.00. 

This Shower Gel is part of a larger Express Your Soul collection which includes Shower Oil, Body Cream, Bed & Body Mist, Body Scrub, and More. Rituals bath product are just so, so nice! It is honestly a treat to use this in the shower and I really would love to explore the rest of the Express your Soul collection! Using this Shower Gel is a great way to get a spa-like experience at home and such a simple, yet effective, way to treat yourself to something special! 

Combined with the invigorating properties of verbena with the floral and citrus scent of petitgrain, this shower gel creates a refreshing, summery feeling. It hydrates your skin under the shower and leaves your skin perfectly soft great after a long day at the beach. Retails for $15.00. 

I am 100% obcessed with this candle. The scent is intoxicating!!! From loving this candle, I have grown to realize that I adore the Rosewood scent. There is something so familiar about this scent but I just can't place it...something from childhood had this scent and I just can't remember. It is so interesting how strong scent memories are! Not only do I love this scent, but my husband digs it, too. So, burning this candle is a total win in our house. I am wondering if RITUALS has any other products with this same scent? If so, I totally want to try them!

Leave the marshmallows at home and bring the bonfire inside with this luxurious, richly fragranced scented candle based on Rosewood known for its relaxing and elegant fragrance. Enjoy for up to 60 hours! Retails for $45.00.

What are your latest bath, fragrance, or spa additions? Do you have scents that take you from Summer to Fall like these from RITUALS? I would love to hear!

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