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Friday, September 15, 2017

Everyday Beauty Hacks: Makeup Brush Cleaning with Johnson's® Baby

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Everyday Beauty Hacks: Makeup Brush Cleaning with Johnson's® Baby
I always love a good beauty hack...especially when it is a time-tested hack using everyday products and items you already have in your home! So, today I am going to share one of my longest running beauty hacks: using baby wash as your makeup brush cleaner!

I love my makeup brushes and have amassed quite the collection of brushes. I want my brushes to last. So, I try to take really good care of them. Washing them periodically with a gentle cleanser, like baby wash, can really extend the life of your brushes.

How I wash my Makeup Brushes:
For day-to-day use, I often use a spray on/wipe off brush cleaner for instant results. However, nothing beats a periodic deep clean to get my brushes totally clean and soft. For deep cleaning, my go-to is baby wash! I like to wash my brushes at night. That way, I can lay them out to dry and they will be dry in the morning. 

How to Wash Brushes with Johnson's® Baby Moisture Wash:
-lay out all brushes that need to be washed next to the sink
-lay out hand towels or wash cloths on counter for drying brushes
-run water in sink
-wet makeup brush and add a little pump of baby wash
-gently work the baby wash through the brush head
-rinse with running water
-gently shake out additional water (I do this over my tub so that the water doesn't splash everywhere)
-lay brush flat to dry overnight

Johnson's® Baby has a fantastic lineup of baby washes! I have used just about all of them over time and always rotate scents and types of washes. Lately, I am loving the Johnson's No More Tears Baby Moisture Wash in Vanilla Oatmeal.

Even More Uses for Johnson's Baby Moisture Wash:
-Soak your hair brushes and combs in the sink with a capful of baby wash. Residue and debris gently soaks off and leaves your brushes clean!
-Use as a body wash for grown ups in your house. The formula is so gentle for sensitive skin (even in adults). Plus, the scents are so nice!
-Wash your delicate in the sink with a capful of baby wash. The mild formula is super gentle on your delicate items.
-Use as a shaving "cream" in the shower. Baby wash and body wash actually works really well for shaving!
-Use as a hand soap! Antibacterial hand soaps are often too harsh for the sensitive skin in our family. So, using a baby wash for hand soap works super well for us.

Where to Buy?
I get my Johnson's® Baby Moisture wash at my local Walmart. They always have a great selection and fantastic prices!

Looking for more Hacks? Check out this Pinterest board for Johnson's® Baby Hacks!

Do you use baby wash to wash your makeup brushes, too? I would love to hear any other hacks for baby wash! I love hearing about and discovering new hacks for my favorite products!

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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Velvetwhip said...

Baby wash and baby shampoo make great substitutes for high priced brush cleansers. I've been using them for years now. Good for you for sharing this terrific tip.

Paula K said...

I have been using Johnson's Baby Wash to clean my brushes for the longest time. I found that they last a lot longer using the Johnson's vs. the Dawn dish soap that a lot of people swear by.
And please don't laugh but I use it as bubble bath sometimes and I also buy their baby soap bar and use that to shower and bathe.

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