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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rituals: New Packaging Design for Re-Launch of the Ritual of Hammam Collection

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New Packaging Design for Re-Launch of the Ritual of Hammam Collection

When it comes to luxury spa-like bath products, nothing beats the enticing scents of the products from Rituals. I am super excited about their recent re-launch of the Ritual of Hamman Collection. I was able to try out a few items from the line and I am totally obcessed with this spa scent. 

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa with the NEW Ritual of Hammam:

Close your eyes and experience the heat of your own wellness ceremony. Inspired by one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world, The Ritual of Hammam has been carefully designed to meet the needs of modern times. Enjoy the range of luxury body products that relax our body and purify the mind with the revitalizing fragrance of refreshing eucalyptus.

For the re-launch, Rituals introduced new luxury packaging design that makes the updated and sophisticated Hammam fragrance even more appealing. Create your own luxury home spa with their renewed Hammam collection and discover a purifying ceremony that promotes well-being for body and soul.

Here are some tips from Rituals for getting the most out of your Ritual of Hamman Experience:

1. After you’ve set the mood, start your cleansing ritual with the NEW Black Soap ($15). This nourishing black soap deeply cleanses and purifies the body, removing old skin cells and leaving the skin silky soft and prepared for exfoliation.

2. Follow with the Hot Scrub ($29), which contains purifying sea salt, warming ginger and refreshing eucalyptus, immediately reducing fatigue and boosting your mood. Apply on top of the Black Soap for an even smoother result.

3. Continue with the Body Mud ($17) with mineral-rich rhassoul clay, a mud that intensively purifies and polishes the skin by helping to remove dead skin cells.

4. Use the Foaming Shower Gel ($15), containing a purifying, refreshing fragrance that pleasantly and softly cleanses the skin. The gel also soothes and helps the skin to repair itself.

5. After you shower, apply the soothing NEW Body Cream ($33) to the body for a nourished and toned skin.

Available at and Rituals stores throughout NYC

You are not going to want to miss trying out these gorgeously packaged products from Rituals Hamman Collection! If you like spa scents and products, you will love these! 

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