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Monday, March 27, 2017

Simply Earth Monthly Essential Oil Subscription Box: March Box Opening!

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Simply Earth Monthly Essential Oil DIY Subscription Box:
March Box Opening!

Hello lovelies! It is time once again for my monthly Simply Earth Essential Oil Subscription Box: Box Opening! As ya'll may know, I am absolutely obcessed with this subscription box! I feel that it is one of the best deals out there. Plus, it is a perfect way to either introduce yourself to Essential Oils or  if you are already into oils, a wonderful way to expand your collection! You get not only 5 full sized essential oils in each box, but also all of the recipes and supplies to get started with a variety of Essential Oil projects! Seriously, these boxes are so fun and also so useful! I love being able to just open up the box and get going right away with recipes. Over the past few months since subscribing, I have recipes made up that I literally use daily! 

What prompted this new Essential Oils hobby? My monthly subscription to the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box! Simply Earth makes it so easy to explore, learn, and dive into essential oils. They offer a monthly subscription box that absolutely contains everything you need to get going on Essential Oil use and DIY projects.

About Simply Earth and the Monthly Essential Oil Subscription Box:
So excited about my Simply Earth monthly essential oils box subscription!!! It is literally like my favorite thing ever. You get 6-7 different recipes in each month's theme box plus 5 full size bottles of essential oils. Plus the labels, containers, ingredients, and supplies for all of the recipes included in the box. The recipes are pre-printed on cute index cards held together by a ring. Literally, Simply Earth takes all the guesswork out of DIY projects. They make it easy to get started with your DIY fun as soon as you open your box. So fun and a great value!!! Simply Earth makes exploring the world of Essential Oils easy and fun. Plus, can I just mention how amazing the oils are?!?! They are high-quality and theraputic grade. Such great quality oils. I am super impressed and already a loyal fan!

This month's @fromsimplyearth box is awesome: Wintergreen, Aniseed, Patchouli, Bergamot, and Tranquility blend Essential Oils plus tons of great recipes and supplies to make a variety of soaps and diffuser blends! 

To find out more details about this box and to hear more, please click "read more" below! 

Inside the Box: Simply Earth Monthly Essential Oil Recipe Box:
March Box Opening:

This box has a theme: Soap Making!!!! How fun!

  • 5 Full Sized 100% Pure Essential Oils (15 ml each): Wintergreen (possibly my favorite of this box!), Aniseed (honestly, I might not have ever purchased or discovered this oil on my own...but I really like it!), Patchouli (ok, I will admit, I am not a Patchouli fan...but, my brother is. So, I am going to gift this to him), Bergamot (OMG! I love Bergamot. I already have a bottle; but, this will be my backup when I run out. I use Bergamot all the time!), and Tranquility Essential Oil Blend (a woodsy scent with bright and spicy notes: contains Vetiver, Spikenard, Lemon, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, and Ylang Ylang. 
  • Recipe Cards on Metal Ring: 6 recipes for Citrus Soothing Oatmeal Soap, Orange Cream Exfoliating Soap, Earthy Sweet Soothing Soap, Citrus Woods Exfoliating Soap, Citrus Tranquility Diffuser Blend, and Earthy Sweet Diffuser Blend. 
  • Small Glass Dropper Bottles for Diffuser Master Blend Recipes (not sure the size...5ml maybe? I am really just starting to get into making master blends and I just love it! I can't wait to make the Citrus Tranquility Blend. This is so cool: it includes an essential oil from last month's, you can see how you can start to blend oils based on your complete collection from ongoing Simply Earth boxes! Also, they included mini labels for the blends. 
  • Soap Making Supplies: Yay Simply Earth for including everything I need for the Soap Making DIY projects!!! Two cute molds were included: a heart shape and a square shape with a 100% hand made imprint and a melt and pour soap base. 

I absolutely adore this month's box and have become such a huge fan of Simply Earth! I feel like they make it so easy to use and explore essential oils. Plus, I no longer feel like I am pinning a ton of Essential Oil recipes and never making them, lol. With having all the supplies at hand, I can whip out an Essential Oil DIY in no time at all. Seriously, this box is just so much fun!!! 

It must be said that the quality and purity of the Simply Earth Essential Oils is just amazing! All of the oils are 100% pure Essential Oil. I trust this brand and know that I am getting great quality. I really enjoy exploring new oils that I might not have explored otherwise.

Plus, have I mentioned  that with every purchase you make, Simply Earth donates 13% of the profits to organizations fighting human trafficking. 

Be sure to sign up to get started with the essential oil fun with Simply Earth! Check out this deal below for you lovely readers:

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Enter code PAMMYFREEDIF to get a free diffuser when you subscribe (diffuser must be in cart for coupon to work): Subscribe here to sign up for box! Click here to add the diffuser to your cart when you order.

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Unknown said...

This is seriously the COOLEST subscription box I've ever seen! And I truly love that a portion of the proceeds goes to fighting human trafficking. I can't promise to buy, but I will definitely check it out. So awesome! <3

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