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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Unique Longwearing Gorgeous Lip Color: LipSense from Bombshell Cosmetics

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image credit: Bombshell Cosmetics

I am so excited to share about an awesome new-to-me lip product that I am fully obcessed with: LipSense Lip Colors from Bombshell Cosmetics.

Okay ya'll, as a beauty blogger, I try out a LOT of lip products. Let me tell ya'll, I have never tried anything like LipSense. This product is totally unique and different and...amazing! This lip color is like a 2nd skin for your lips that wears for 18 hours (not even exaggerating, you get very impressive and very long wear with this lip color). This is not a lip stain, it is a long wearing lipcolor that completely bonds to your lips. I absolutely love it and it has already revolutionized the way that I wear lip color.

LipSense molecularly bonds with your lips. You really get a "2nd skin" type lip color. The beautiful color and 18 hour wear is really impressive!

I was able to try out two shades of the LipSense Lip Colors. Of course, now I am dying to try out more shades!

LipSense products have really revolutionized the way that I wear lip color. As a busy stay-at-home Mom with two young kids, I really don't have time to "fuss" with lip color. Usually, I applied traditional lip color and it would simply wear off and then look like I had nothing on. Well, with LipSense, I apply and then don't even have to think about it the rest of the day. I just know that my lip color is on and that it still looks just as perfect as it did the moment that I first applied. It is kiss proof and smudge proof! I sure do kiss my kids a lot during the day and I don't have to worry about color transfer! If my lips get dry at all during the day, I simply re-apply the gloss top coat.

I think that the key to loving LipSense Lip Colors is to have correct application. Correct application is key to getting the product to work for you! I can't stress this enough.

I must note, when you first apply, you will feel a slight tingling on your lips. This concerned me until I learned that this was supposed to happen and it is happening because of the SD 40 alcohol content in the product. SD 40 alcohol is added to the product to prevent bacteria. It is a very pure alcohol. It evaporates quickly and the tingling sensations goes away in seconds.

Application Tips:
If you follow these tips precisely, you will be awarded with beautiful performance from your LipSense products! These tips must be followed exactly...but, it is not compicated! It is just very different from the way you would apply traditional lipstick and lipgloss.
  • You must start with clean and dry lips when using LipSense. I like to use a slightly damp wash cloth to wipe off my lips. Then I pat dry with a towel. 
  • You apply 3 thin layers of product. 
  • When apply color layers, do not swipe back and forth (this will remove what you just applied). Apply in one direction in a smooth motion. 
  • Let color dry completely (3-4 seconds) in between applying each color layer. 
  • Do not let lips touch when applying layers.
  • Finish by topping off with the LipSense Lipgloss. 

I got to try out two shades of LipSense Lip Color: Luv It (beautiful peachy pink): this one is my favorite of the two. It is a gorgeous and very wearable everyday shade. Pink Ice (a bright and cheerful Barbie pink). There are 70 shades available. So, I know that you will find many colors that you want to try. Believe me, I have a whole list of colors I am dying to try, lol!

Here is Luv It on my lips:

To remove LipSense, simply apply the Ooops! Remover which works to remove your LipSense lip color at the end of the day or you can use it to fix any errors when you are applying the product.

As I mentioned, wearing LipSense products has really revolutionized the way I wear lip color! I apply in the morning and literally don't have to worry or think about my lip color the rest of the day!!! I just know that my lip color looks just as perfect as it did the moment that I applied it. I absolutely adore LipSense products and highly recommend that you check out LipSense from Bombshell Cosemetics.

More about LipSense:

  • Stays on 18 hours
  • Waterproof plus it does not kiss-off, smear-off, or rub-off
  • You can create your own custom shade by layering different colors
  • Key Ingredients: peony root extract (natural calming flower herb), St. John's Wort extract (natural herb with antibacterial and skin healing properties), linden flower extract (powerful antioxidant)
  • Lead free, wax free
  • Vegan
  • No animal testing
  • Gluten free and without GMO
  • FDA approved
  • Celebrity endorsed by Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, and Oprah
  • Money back guarantee (up to 6 months from date of purchase)

Bombshell Cosmetics, owned by Lauren Williamson, sells a full range of Senegence products, including the ever popular LipSense lip colors. Sengence has quite an assortment of products. In addition to LipSense, there are skincare products, body products, eye makeup, and more! 

LipSense lip color retails for $25 a tube. One tube should last a long time as you only need 3 thin layers every time you wear the product (and those layers last all day!). So, one tube should last much longer than a traditional lip color that you constantly have to reapply. Where to buy:

How to become a team member:  Want to unleash your inner boss babe and become part of the  Bombshell Cosmetics team? Find out how you can have a unlimited earning potential while selling a product you absolutely love! To get more info on joining the "Bomb Squad" team, visit or send an email to

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My Beauty Bunny said...

That shade looks great on you!

Claudia_csn said...

This LipSense stuff sounds amazing! I also spend all day kissing my little one so budge proof lipstick is what I need. If it's not budge proof I wont bother with it! I'll have to check out all those 70 colors and see which works for me!

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