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Monday, October 3, 2016

Perfect No-Heat Curls While You Sleep: Introducing: the Sleep Styler

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I have always coveted perfect Victoria's Secret model-type loose waves. My hair is long and thick and rather hard to curl. In recent years (after having 2 babies) my hair type changed from stick straight to being more coarse with a slight bit of wave in some spots. It is not wavy enough to wear wavy and not straight enough to be totally straight without the help of a round brush and blow dryer. Gone are the days of me air drying my straight hair and limiting the heat exposure. Heat styling my hair every/other day has certainly brought on more damage. So, as you can imagine, I was so excited when I heard about the Sleep Styler. 

Introducing the Sleep Styler: Get Beautiful No-Heat Curls While You Sleep:
I love, love, love the concept of the Sleep Styler: No heat curls while you sleep! I am a busy Mom of two littles. My mornings are crazy trying to get ready myself while also try to get everyone else ready for their day. Typically, I wake up early for coffee and blogging time and a quick shower before everyone else is up. Even with waking up early, I usually end up blow drying my hair with toddlers running around in my bathroom, lol. So, as you can imagine, the thought of waking up with beautiful wavy hair is blissful! 

The Sleep Styler allows me to set my hair at night after an evening shower. It only takes a few minutes to roll my air dried hair. Then you simply sleep in the rollers overnight. In the morning, wake up and unroll your hair: voila! perfect curls!!!

The Sleep Styler: Design and Specifics:
In the past, I have tried various wet-set/overnight rollers and no-heat methods. Let me tell ya'll, the Sleep Styler is hands-down the best no-heat method that I have ever tried. From classic sponge rollers, to bendable rollers, rag rollers, sleeping in a bun, sleeping in a braid...none of these methods came close to the results that I get with the Sleep Styler. The Sleep Styler was the invention that I have been waiting for all these years: the perfect wet-set roller system! The design is so innovative. 

The Sleep Styler rollers are super soft. The inner core is soft (yet firm enought to hold its shape) memory foam. The outer cover is yoga towel material that wicks moisture our of your hair yet it remains dry to the touch. Unlike other overnight rollers that I have tried, the Sleep Styler is actually comfortable to sleep on! It does feel different to sleep with these in. However, it is not uncomfortable. The rollers really are soft. The foam inserts in the rollers are removable. So, you can wash the covers as needed. What a nice feature! Also, the texture of the cover really grips your hair. I can't get over it...these rollers do not fall out at night! This used to always happen to me with other overnight rollers. I would hate waking up in the morning to find that one or two rollers had fallen out (which leaves pieces of uncurled hair). Well, this is simply not a problem with the Sleep Styler. These stay in! Even with all the rolling around I do at night, lol! 

How I Set my Hair:
I start with freshly washed hair that I have let air-dry about 90%. I like to add a styling product, like mousse, to help hold the curl. My hair is super duper thick and long (past my shoulders). I can get by with one set of Sleep Styler rollers if I had to. However, because my hair is so thick, it wasn't getting completely dry in the mornings because the amount of hair on each roller was too thick to dry properly. The Sleep Styler comes with 8 rollers and this honestly would be enough for most people with normal hair thickness. However, for those of you with super thick hair like mine, you are going to need additional rollers. My best number setting my hair with Sleep Styler rollers is 14 rollers. That number allows my hair to dry overnight properly in the rollers. Sure, I can get by with one set of 8 rollers. However, my hair is just not all the way dry in the mornings when I use just 8. However, if your hair is of normal thickness, you should be able to use just 8 rollers.

There are various ways in which you can roll your hair with these Sleep Styler rollers (you can even set them straight to straigthen your hair). I like to just roll them in the pattern pictured here. You start with the roller close to the root. Your spiral wrap your hair down the roller (much like how you would do on a curling iron) and then you wrap the strap around the roller in the opposite pattern of how you wrapped your hair and then you secure the velcro on the bottom. It is really easy! Then, you just sleep in the rollers overnight. In the morning, just wake up and unrap your rollers. The result is beautiful and the curls really last! Unlike heat-styled curls, wet set curls last much longer on my hair. Sleep Styler curls do not fall flat by the end of the day like heat styled curls do. They relax slightly, but stay intact! Yay!!!

Basically, I think that these rollers are one of the best hair inventions that I have tried! I feel like consistant use of these rollers will decrease my hair's heat exposure over time and thus will result in less damage. I am absolutely thrilled about that! Plus, there is such an ease to using these rollers. I can now take a leisurely evening shower, air dry my hair, and then wake up in the morning with beautiful loose curls. I love the results and I love the ease of these rollers!

If you are looking for beautiful wet-set overnight curls, look no further than the Sleep Styler! I love my Sleep Styler rollers!!! You can find them here. 

Let me know if you try the Sleep Styler, too! I would love to hear about your results! :) 

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