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Monday, June 6, 2016

Exploring Erborian Skincare: NEW Yuza Double Lotion, CC Cream, and Bamboo Creme Frappe

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Have you heard of Erborian Skincare? Perhaps you have seen it during your browsing at Sephora? Erborian is a fusion of Korean herbal science and French luxury skincare. I am a skincare junkie at heart...but, I must admit I do have a special place for luxury skincare and skincare that has a scientifically sound base. Erborian meets the criteria! This innovative brand researches skincare routines and rituals from around the world and then offers it within its scientifically formulated products. As the brand describes it: "intelligent beauty"! I'm down with that! They are able to harness the essence of Koren herbs into scientifically formulated products. The result is that the line offers products that are natural and pure; yet, the products are gentle and well-tolerated. As someone with sensitive skin, I love that!

Now lets dive into my first foray with Erborian skincare products. I tried out three products: The NEW Erborian Yuza Double Lotion, the cult-favorite Erborian CC Cream, and the Erborian Bamboo Creme Frappe Skin Reviving Fresh Gel.

To find out more details about these products and how my skin got on with them, please click read more below! :)

NEW Erborian Yuza Double Lotion:
This is a nicely hydrating bi-phase toner. Yuza is the key ingredient. Yuza fruit (from the Jeju island in Korea) is renowned for its antioxidant properties. This lotion has an aqueous phase and an oil phase. To use, you must shake it up first. Then, you just apply with a cotton round after washing your phase. You can use this morning and evening. It is such a nice way to boost hydration and moisture for your skin! I am really enjoying this toner. My skin feels more nourished, smooth, and hydrated.

Erborian CC Cream:
After reading many great reviews on Erborian's CC Cream, I just knew that I had to try it. My luck with CC Creams has previously been hit-or-miss with many formulas being too dark or too greasy. Well, Erborian's CC Cream hits the mark very well. The texture and finish is just beautiful. It really does make your skin look healthy and perfected without leaving you overly greasy or sparkly. The color is just a touch darker than my natural skintone. However, this is working for me in the Spring/Summer as I do have a bit more color than I usually do. I always wear SPF daily. However, I do still seem to get some sun. So, this makes it a perfect Summer product for me! This formula is one that looks white/gray coming out of the tube as it has the encapsulated pigments within the white cream. As you massage it onto your skin, the pigments are released and the product becomes a neutral flesh-tone. The finish is slightly luminous. However, it is not at all sparkly. It is just subtle and lovely. My skin looks great when I use this! I have replaced my usual daytime moisturizer in favor of this CC Cream. I am getting the moisture, sun protection, and sheer coverage all in one product. This is quite frankly, my favorite CC Cream to date! LOVE! 

Erborian Bamboo Creme Frappe Skin Reviving Fresh Gel:
I just adore the texture of this lightweight gel/creme! Not to mention, the refreshing scent is so inviting! The product has a light whipped texture and it absorbs so quickly and evenly. The key ingredient is the Bamboo Waterlock Complex. Bamboo sap and fibers help to hydrate your skin and lock in the moisture. Bamboo naturally contains amino acids, proteins, and lipids: all things that your skin loves! I like to use this in the evenings after washing and toning. Sometimes I layer it over a serum or treatment product and sometimes I use it on its own. Besides being a fabulous product, I really like the elegant look of the packaging!

Overall, I am super pleased with my results from Erborian Skincare. The products just give the right amount of light moisture that my combination skin needs at this time of year (when I am leaning a bit more towards the oily side; yet, my skin still needs moisture). I am looking forward to exploring this line more! Erborian fans: what are your faves from the line?

Erborian Skincare is available at Sephora and! :)

Thanks so much for reading!

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I have yet to try something from Erborian, but this all sounds good.

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