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Friday, February 19, 2016

Fab Fast Friday: Favorites from Belli Skincare!

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It is time for another Fab Fast Friday! These are my posts to give you the quick scoop on things I am loving! 

Have I mentioned lately how obsessed I am with the Belli Skincare brand? This is a skincare line specifically designed to be effective and gentle for women who are pregnant or nursing. In the past 5 years I have had 2 beautiful babies and nursed them both for 1-2 years each. During my time spent being pregnant and nursing, I had to ditch many of my skincare staples that were just not pregnancy nor nursing safe. Before I found Belli Skincare, it was a struggle to figure out what worked and didn't work on my skin. Pregnancy can bring out the worst in your skin. Sure, some are lucky to have the "glow"...but, I was one who had very oily and sensitive skin in pregnancy. I was much more prone to breakouts and was in such a dilemma. I wanted effective skincare to combat the over-oiliness and acne. However, I wanted to be assured that what I was using was safe for the baby. With Belli Skincare, I knew everything was safe and the best is effective, too! 

Well, now I am past my pregnancy and nursing days. However, I still use many Belli Skincare items in my everyday skincare and other items are frequently rotated into my skincare routine. 

Here are some of my favorites from Belli Skincare:
  • Anti-Blemish Facial Wash: This face was was certainly well named! There is no question that consistent use of this face wash keeps my skin clear! A tube of this Facial Wash lives in my shower and I use it every day. Even when I test out other products for the blog, I always come back to this amazing cleanser. It leaves your skin perfectly balanced and clean without over-stripping it. I love the clean feel and the pore-cleansing abilities of this cleanser. Key ingredients include lactic acid (this acid naturally occurs in our bodies and it is the safest hydroxy acid to use in pregnancy), antioxidant-rich green tea, and cucumber. Love, love, love this cleanser! It is honestly in my top 5 category of most favorite cleansers...ever! (let me know if the comments if you want to hear my other 4!)
  • Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub: I love the invigorating feel of this scrub! This scrub can be used on both the face and the body. I am a bit obcessed with the zing of the peppermint oil in this scrub! It feels so fresh to use! In addition to the peppermint, this formula also contains ginseng and green tea. I can use this scrub a couple times a week to give my skin an exfoliation boost. 
  • Acne Control Spot Treatment: During pregnancy and nursing, treatment options for breakouts are really limited ingredient-wise. It is so nice to have a completely safe treatment for your blemishes! This formula contains no salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzol peroxide (common acne-fighters that are contra-indicated for pregnancy and breastfeeding). Instead, this formula contains colloidal sulfur to penetrate the pores, control acne, and keep skin clear of new breakouts. 
  • Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen: This sunscreen was not only my favorite to use during pregnancy, but it is still my daily favorite today! I have such trouble with Sunscreens breaking me out. Combine this with the fact that many chemical sunscreens irritate my skin...that limits my options. This oil-free formula uses only trusted mineral sunscreens (my fav combo: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) to provide broad spectrum SPF 25 protection. The product is lightly tinted to blend in with your skintone (works well with my fair skin). The formula is lightly moisturizing and comes in a great pump tube. I love that I can slather this Sunscreen on knowing that the product is gentle for my skin and it wont irritate my skin or break me out! 
Have you tried Belli Skincare? What are your favorites? If you are looking for gentle and effective skincare for acne-prone skin (reguardless if you are pregnant or not), this would be a great line to check out! 

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