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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Fresh Scent for the New Year: Bond No. 9's High Line

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I love exploring fragrance. Scent is so powerful and so personal. A New Year signals a fresh start. What a great time to start wearing a new perfume!  

Bond No. 9 is a fragrance line that just draws me in. From their beautiful, unique, and powerfully complex scents, to their gorgeous packaging, this line is in a class by itself. The fragrances are just so elevated and artistic. The line is a homage to New York City and their flagship store is actually at 9 Bond Street in New York City. The Collection of women's, men's, and unisex fragrances marks every New York neighborhood. The line was founded in 2003 and they continue to release gorgeous new scents. 
I truly enjoy exploring Bond No. 9 fragrances. I literally try on something new every time I stop by my nearby Cosmetics Market which carries the Bond No. 9 line. I honestly can't express enough how drawn I am to this perfume line. Each scent tells a story. The depth and layers of Bond No. 9's beautiful scents absolutely just draw me in. I am totally hooked! I felt that the beginning of 2016 called for a very fresh scent. So, my choice is the gorgeous High Line perfume.

Here you have it, a perfume with a railroad inspiration: New Yorks High Line! This long abandonded rail line is now a hallmark of revitalization and reuse. I love the idea of beauty emerging from a gritty urban landscape. Just paint this into your imagination: tall grasses and fuscia tulip buds peeking out from beneath heavy gunmetal rail tracks. The juxtaposition is just beautiful. 

This is certainly a unique inspiration for a scent. Besides the beauty of the juxtaposition of new growth in the midst of urban abandonment, I have a general love of train-related themes. How fitting to choose this scent since my toddler and husband have been so into trains lately ;) I will show solidarity with their interest with wearing this inspired scent! Ok, all kidding aside, this is really one of the most beautiful scents that I have ever worn. The essence is wildflowers and green grasses: a scent of a fresh start and "Urban Renewal"! 

More About the Unique NYC High Line:
An improbable aerial walkway lined with concrete planks and railroad tracks, landscaped with meadows, wetlands, and wildflowers, the High Line hovers 30 feet above street level as it meanders along its route from the Meatpacking District to the former 34th Street rail yards--- sometimes bridging its way through buildings along the way.  Lately too it’s begun serving a daily parade of New Yorkers and visitors wanting both a respite from and a fresh take on our non-stop kaleidoscopic city.

The Packaging:
Lets start off with a description of the packaging as it really does tell the story of the beautiful perfume inside. The glass bottle is in the classic Bond No. 9 shape. This bottle is hands-down, the most stand-out bottle in my current perfume collection. Seeing its gorgeousness just beckons me to wear it. The foreground of the clear glass has the tall grasses and fuscia tulip buds that arise from the gunmetal High Line track. The overall effect is beautiful and fresh and clean. 

The Scent: 
Because I think that Bond No. 9 described it best, here is the scent description of High Line straight from Bond No. 9. Think of this as an Olfactory Pyramid with the Top notes being the tip of the pyramid, the Heart notes being at the middle, and the Base notes being at the bottom or base of the pyramid. This visualization really does organize the complexity of the scent and how it opens up upon wear.


Bergamot: sending its softspoken citrus flavor across Chelsea Grasslands Breezes.
Purple Love Grass: the prairieland perennial with the cloud-like leaves, settling in along railroad gravel mulch.
Zesty and insolent Indian Rhubarb: beloved butterflies and ladybugs that consider the Chelsea gallery district home.
Bergamot, Purple Love Grass, Indian Rhubarb, 

Red Leaf Rose: Wild, tough, and beautiful...and heading for drinks at the Standard Hotel.
Orange Flower Water: the seductive staple of perfumers, Madeleine bakers, and Ramos Gin Fizz makers
Shade-seeking Tulips: doing their dainty tiptoe dance along the Meatpacking-Chelsea trail. Shamelessly hardy and intoxicating Grape Hyacinth, hanging near the 10th Avenue Square.

Green or marine? Always ambivalent Sea Moss has it both ways on the High Line's wetlands.
Clean, serene Teakwood.
Musk, perfumery's sensual staple, in untamed wildlife mode.
Mighty, majestic, Bur Oak its fringed acorns preferred by in- the-know squirrels who make the Gansevoort Woodland their home.

The overall effect of High Line is a perfume that is clean and fresh while also being beautifully complex with a somewhat unisex appeal. I also feel that it is a scent that lends itself to year-round everyday wear. I absolutely am in love with it! 

Do you have a Bond No. 9 favorite? My next goal is to dive deeper into their scents to discover something more sensual and musky for date night wear!

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Can't say I like the bottle, but the scent itself sounds nice.

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