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Monday, June 9, 2014

Makeup Wars: Favorite Hair Products for Summer

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It is time for another Makeup War! This time the Makeup Wars bloggers are sharing their very favorite hair products for Summer! 

Hair care is a topic near and dear to my heart. My hair needs are very specific and I have worked really hard to refine my hair care routine to tailor it to my specific concerns. I tend to rotate about 2-3 different shampoos and conditioners per week depending on what my hair needs: I like to rotate between protein/keratin shampoos/conditioners and moisturizing ones. My hair is very long and it is heavily highlighted. So, I primarily search for very rich and nourishing products that also provide protection and repair. I absolutely refuse to have dry/frizzy hair! Rarely can a product be "too rich" for my hair. Quite the contrary, the more rich the product, the better! Summers present even more of a challenge to my hair: I am outside a lot. So, my hair is exposed to extra sun and a lot of heat (which means I wear it up a lot). Plus, the humidity tends to add more frizz to my hair.
In the Summers, I try to go without heat styling whenever possible. On those days, my hair tends to end up in a twist or a braid. I like to add "beach hair" type products on these days to encourage wave. If I put my hair up when still damp after applying these products, I can have "beach waves" when I take my hair down! I am loving the whole Beyond the Zone Beach Head line available at Sally's Beauty Supply: Beyond the Zone Beach Head Surf Shake Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, Beyond The Zone Beach Head Seaside Smooth Anti-Frizz Cream, and the Beyond The Zone Beach Head Coastal Cooler Cooling Shine Mist
Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask: This mask is amazing and it has been saving my hair! As soon as it gets warmer every year, I go blonder with my highlights. Needless to say, this makes my hair dryer and leaves it feeling a bit more damaged. I smooth this amazingly thick mask from Moroccanoil on my hair once a week to keep my hair looking and feeling shiny and soft. In addition, I use the fabulous Moroccanoil Treatment. This finishing product is the last thing that I put on my hair before styling and I also apply an extra touch of it to my ends when my hair is dry. It adds smoothness and shine while also protecting my hair. It is one of my very favorite hair oil-type products.
Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner: For everyday washing in the Summer, I need shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for damaged hair. This Ultimate Remedy line from Shu Uemura nourishes and smoothes my hair while also adding strength. These products smell amazing and leave my hair amazingly soft.
Roux Anti-Aging Hair Products: These are actually new additions to my hair care rotation and they have become fast favorites! I do lol a bit at the "anti-aging" name...I am turning the big 4-0 this month and am trying not to freak out about this specific age milestone. I am like, OMG, even my hair needs anti-aging help. ;) But seriously, this line is really fabulous! Specifically, I am enjoying the Keratin Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, the Porosity Control (I have used this product off and on through the years, it is a great boost to your hair before and after getting it colored/highlighted as it equalizes hair's porosity), and the amazing Anti-Aging Repair Leave In Treatments (little one-time use vials that provide intensive repair for bleached hair).

What are your favorite hair products for Summer? Be sure to click on the thumbnails below to see what the other Makeup Wars bloggers are loving for their Summer Hair Routines! 


Kelly said...

Roux has been awesome for my hair! That line is so great at restoring hair back to it's happiest state!

Does the BTZ line contain salt? It's hard to find beachy products without salt!

mynewestaddiction said...

Those BTZ products look seriously awesome!

Unknown said...

That Beach Head stuff looks really interesting!

Eugenia said...

So many great hair products, I haven't tried a lot of these yet!

Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

Beach Head sounds outstanding!

jbrobeck said...

I'm loving the Roux as well! I will take all the anti-aging I can get!

Phyrra said...

Your beyond the zone products look great!

MarciaF said...

I love the Roux products. I just wrote about ones I've been using lately but I thought seriously about adding the Roux too. I think the line is terrific.

Unknown said...

I love Roux hair glaze, I had no idea they had other products!! Going to check them out, for sure!

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