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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Brighten Your Look: Get Ready for Summer with Mary Kay®!

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Mary Kay® wants to help you get ready for Summer! Recently, I got a fabulous complimentary box from Mary Kay® and Influenster filled with a variety of this season's on-trend makeup products and shades for a beautiful late Spring/early Summer look! This assortment of makeup includes lovely sun-kissed shades, and other seasonal colors like bold corals and peachy pinks. 

To find out more about what I got in my Mary Kay® Influenster box, and to see swatches and hear my reviews of the products, please click "read more" below! :)
Mary Kay® Influenster Box: Box Opening and Product Impressions:

What an exciting box from Mary Kay® and Influenster! I am so excited to see such an amazing assortment of products. These items really do look perfect for Spring and Summer makeup looks!

What is Inside the Box?
  • Mary Kay® Bronzing Powder: Nothing screams "Summer" better than a great bronzer! While bronzers certainly can be worn year-round, I do tend to reach for them much more during the Summer. While I do not tend to really every tan naturally from the Sun (I am extremely fair and burn easily), I do use self-tanners in the Spring and Summer. However, I do not always self-tan my face. So, I rely on bronzing powder to give my face a tan or bronzed look. This bronzing powder in the shade "light-medium" from Mary Kay® is really pretty. It is a golden-toned copper shade with shimmer. The sample I got is a refill pan for one of Mary Kay®'s customizable compacts (which I already have). I like that you can swap out the items you need and place them in the refillable compacts. It really is a good system! However, it does get a bit pricey considering you are buying both the powder and the compact. The Bronzer retails for $18.00.
  • Mary Kay® Translucent Loose Powder: This is a translucent/colorless loose setting powder. It is an ultra-light powder that feels very soft on your skin. Translucent setting powders are a makeup staple for me. They are one of my last steps to set my makeup. A setting powder is a must for me in the Summer as it really does help to control shine throughout the day. This powder is packaged in a sifter container. I like applying it with a very big powder brush. This allows me to give a very light application. Retails for $16.00.
  • Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color: You guys know that I am blush-obcessed, right? Well, this blush from Mary Kay® is just gorgeous!!! I got the shade "Shy Blush" which is so gorgeous! Actually, if you are a fan of the famous NARS Orgasm blush, then you will love Shy Blush from Mary Kay® as it is pretty much a dead-ringer dupe. "Shy Blush" is a gorgeous peachy-pink with a luminous soft shimmer finish. It gives such a gorgeous and healthy glow! I just love wearing it!!! This is my favorite thing from my Mary Kay® Influenster box! Retails for $12.00.
  • Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist: Cream Eyeshadows are a Spring/Summer staple for me. I find it so much quicker and easier to just swipe on a cream shadow as an all-over color rather than applying and blending powder shadows. This Cream Eye Color from Mary Kay® is a pretty and summery shimmery Apricot shade. It looks really nice as an all-over lid color. Plus, the formula is long-wearing which is great for those hot Summer days! Retails for $14.00.
  • Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush: I am so glad that Mary Kay® included some brushes in this box! This Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush is absolutely the perfect size and shape for concealer! The flat shape and smaller size really fits perfectly into that under-eye area where I pack on a lot of concealer to cover my very dark under eye circles. I am super happy with this brush! Plus, you can apply cream eye color with this, too (although, I am only using it for concealer and using my fingers for the cream shadow mentioned above). Retails for $10.00. Mary Kay® also sent their powder brush which I like. However, with its somewhat smaller size, I am using it for blush.
  • Mary Kay® Lash Love® Mascara: I have used and reviewed this mascara before. So, I am happy to see it in my Mary Kay® Influenster box! I love this type of mascara wand with the flexible rubbery brush. I really like how this brush separates the lashes and leaves them looking thicker and longer. Plus, the formula does not flake nor smudge on me. Retails for $15.00.
  • Mary Kay® Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator in Jet Black: I am so glad that this product was included with this Influenster box as I really needed a new gel liner and I had never tried Mary Kay®'s version before! Not only do I love this gel eyeliner, but also I really like the little applicator brush that came with it. This liner gives great black color and the formula wears all day. Retails for $18.00.
  • Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Mango Tango: I am happy to see this gloss! I am already a fan of Mary Kay®'s lipglosses. They are so hydrating and they feel so smooth on your lips. This is the type of gloss that hydrates enough that you can even skip lip balm underneath. Plus, I find the compact size very convenient for your purse. Mango Tango gives you a super-bright pop of color for Summer! Retails for $14.00 each.
Overall, this box has a great assortment of products: practically everything you need to create your makeup looks for the Summer! There are certainly some stand-out products for me like the gel eyeliner and the gorgeous blush! :)

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As always, thanks for reading! Are you a Mary Kay® fan? I would love to know what your favorite products are from the brand. 


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