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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Want Long Hair? Hair Stylists Reveal Their Favorite Trips for Growing It Out Faster!

How to get your hair to grow out faster and longer

Let's face it, we all get drawn in by the pictures of amazing cascading curls over on Pinterest. If you're thinking about growing out your hair, and dreading it, there are things you can do to speed along the process! I've asked some of the best hair stylists in the country for their best tips on growing out your hair and doing it fast! They gave me so many amazing tips that the post is split into 2 parts. The other half is over on 15 Minute Beauty (my blog), and some is here since my good friend Pam is in the middle of moving!

Julia Nikic
The best way to get hair to grow is to TAKE CARE OF IT. People think their hair should grow when they are going over it with a flat iron a million times or ripping through it with a hair brush. Hair is fragile and should be treated that way. Use professional shampoo and conditioner combined with thermal protection spray and your hair should not break off and be able to grow.

Nadine Branch
With chemically relaxed hair, my favorite way to help get the hair to grow faster is adding mini amino acid treatments to the hair every 2 to 4 months. This treatment strengthens the bonds of the hair to give the hair strands a chance to grow faster. Coincidentally, a great hair cut grows the hair faster too! The ends of the hair strands become so strong that the hair has the optimum chance to continue growing. This hair treatment also works well on bleached, tinted, naturally soft, and/or kinky curly hair. Ask your favorite professional stylist about getting your treatment.

Sassy Hollingworth
The key to growing out your hair is to keep it healthy! If you are the rare woman that can use box color and dollar store shampoos, yet you have the shiny, thick, healthy hair everyone wants—kudos to you! I’m impressed and very jealous. But for the rest of us, our hair needs a particular kind of love. Professional products make HUGE difference in the health of your hair. Box color is designed to get a person to a desired color no matter what the starting point is. So it has to do the same thing to someone with super fine, baby hair as it does with someone with coarse, curly hair. It can obliterate the cuticle because it has no boundaries. Your hairstylist can customize the strength, temperature and time to make color work right for you. Plus they are trained to know what the hair can and can’t handle. Meaning your desired color may take a couple of appointments, but you will still have hair left on your head. Products work the same way. Professional products may be more expensive, but they are also so much more concentrated and not filled with water or dye. You actually use way less to get the desired effect and in most cases you are treating a problem, not just covering it up. But when you are looking to buy, make sure you spend your money wisely. Many times products purchased in a drugstore are old, expired or have been modified by diluting the original products. This is the reason products you purchase in a licensed salon say “guaranteed, only if purchased from a salon professional”.

Hair Stylists share their best tips to help you grow out your hair fast!

Sasha (Sassy) Hollingworth from The Style House Frisco did start out training for a career in hair design and styling. In 2009, she earned a BFA in interior design from the Art Institute of Dallas. When the reality of the economy hit hard and she found herself without a job, she refocused and started a new path at Paul Mitchell the School Dallas. Since then, she has had extensive training by a number of nationally recognized brands to ensure the highest level of skill to all of my clients ranging from cut & color to extensions & Brazilian Blowouts. Styling for photo shoots or special occasion hair & make up are her absolute favorite things to do.

Nadine Branch is the “Hair Doc” at Nadine’s World, a salon in Costa Mesa, California. Nadine has been in the hair care business since 1980. She is well known throughout Southern California for her signature haircuts and a commitment to a multicultural, multiracial, total-quality hair care approach, she uses only leading-edge techniques. Her clients come to her from around the United States looking to have her help with their hair issues. The “Hair Doc,” as she’s effectively known by her clients and peers, keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketing and creative side of the beauty industry, staying abreast of care and styling trends.

Julia Nikic, is the salon manager at Beauty First Unlimited in St. Mathews, outside of Louisville, KY. She has been doing hair for 7 years now and she thoroughly loves it. She grew up in the hair world, her mom has been in the industry for forty years! Julia likes to say "its in my blood." You can make appointments with her by calling 502-897-6888

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