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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring/Summer Fragrences: Nina by Nina Ricci

I have been so into exploring fragrances lately! Fragrance is very seasonal for me. I find myself wanting to smell a certain way at different times of the year. I generally go lighter, fresher, and more floral for Spring and Summer.

What else draws me to a fragrance? I must admit, the bottle! I have a perfume tray on my dresser in my bedroom. I like displaying all of my pretty perfume bottles. The cutest bottles go front and center (and tend to get the most use!).
Nina by Nina Ricci is an adorably packaged fresh and fruity floral scent. The bottle looks like a little apple and has pretty silver leaves. Really adorable! This cute bottle is right at front and center of my perfume tray.

Something about this scent is just so sophisticated to me. The core of this scent includes peony petals and moon flower surrounded by vanilla infused red toffee apple. Top notes include Calabrian lemon and Caipirinha lime. The base is applewood and white cedar. Quite a complex scent.

At first I thought the scent might be too heavy for me; but, as it mixes with my chemistry, it smells really nice. I find myself wanting to wear this scent for daytime lunch dates and mornings at church. Something seems "dressy" about this sent without being overly sexy.
The Skinny:
Nina by Nina Ricci is available at Macy's and for $74.00 (2.7 oz) and $56.00 (1.7 oz). 


Vi.Be said...

I also find myself matching my fragrances with the seasons. For instance, this perfume would complement my summer wardrobe with its citrus top notes. Plus the bottle look too cute :D

Unknown said...

@ViBe-Yes, isn't the bottle just adorable!

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