Pammy Blogs Beauty: "Pammy Blogs Beauty" is now a "Shop it To Me" Trendsetter!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Pammy Blogs Beauty" is now a "Shop it To Me" Trendsetter!

Designer brand clothing, shoes & handbags on sale

Hello my dear readers! I have another exciting announcement for ya'll! Pammy Blogs Beauty has been chosen as a Shop It To Me Trendsetter blog!

I am absolutely thrilled!!! Shop it To Me is featuring my blog on their Trendsetter page which lists Shop It To Me's favorite lifestyle and fashion blogs. Pammy Blogs Beauty is listed in the New category. :) So, head on over there and check it out! I have already found some fun new blogs to follow while browsing through the various categories of Trendsetter blogs! :) Eventually I will be moved to the "Beauty" category.

Here I am:

More about Shop it To Me:

Shop It To Me is a truly unique website! Think of it as your own Internet-personal shopper!!! It scours the web for you finding sales on items *in your size* from all your selected brands and item categories and then it delivers these sales to you in a "SaleMail" email with pictures and direct links to the sales! Amazing!!!

For even More Info about "Shop it To Me" (keep reading after the jump!)

When you sign up you get to personalize your account so that Shop It To Me can email you your own personalized "Salemail" will contain your favorite brands and items that you are searching for. So, you just click through the 100s of brands (designer too!) listed (really, they have all the brands that I could possibly think of!) and just check the box for the ones you want Shop It To Me to do searches for. You enter all your sizes and the types of items you are looking for (e.g., women's clothes, shoes, children's clothes, etc). Also, you can customize your email preferences for how often you want to get your sale emails. So, no worries, you won't get a ton of Spam emails! You can personalize exactly when you want them to email you and all the sales will come in one email. So, that's all there is to it!

The best part, you can earn gift cards for referring friends to Shop It To Me! So, head on over and sign up so that you can start earning some credits yourself.

Here is an example of what a "Salemail" looks like:

(photo source)

I have been on Shop It To Me's email list for years and always love getting their "Salemail"! I have it set to email me 2x/week with all of the sales from my favorite websites. I mean, online "personal shopping"??? It doesn't get much better than that! It is so darn convenient!!! Who has time to search through the millions of websites on the Internet for sales? Now you won't have to! Let Shop It To Me do it for you. In addition to their salemail emails, you also get emails to alert you to secret sales, VIP events, and discount codes.

So, show some love for Pammy Blogs Beauty, and head on over to Shop It To Me for a site visit! If you sign up, I know you are going to love getting those sale mails delivered right to your inbox! Who wouldn't love a "personal" Internet shopping service! It makes sale shopping so super easy! You are going to discover some great bargains without the hassle of combing through a million websites in search of sale items in your size. What a unique service!

Also, stay tuned. Shop It To Me has invited me to write a guest blogger post for them in the near future on their website, so that will be coming soon as well! :)

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful!!!

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