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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bath and Body Works: Secret Wonderland (love this scent!)

Hello there my lovely readers! Just here with a "quick rave" post for this lovely scent from Bath and Body works.

Bath and Body Work's Secret Wonderland is just such a refreshing scent! Funny, I gave so many of these little travel sized B&BWs lotions for Christmas gifts, that I was thrilled to receive this little set as a gift myself!

It smells of berries with just a touch of a vanilla or amber? for warmth. It is a nice change of pace from my "heavier" winter scents. I am really liking it! :)

I really like using scented lotions and fragrance mists for wear during the week and while at work. I save my heavier perfumes for going out in the evenings and on the weekends. I usually apply a Bath and Body works lotion after my shower in the mornings and then finish off with a Fragrance mist. Layering these products makes the scent longer-lasting (but not as long lasting as a perfume).

I really like the formulation of the body lotion! It is very light and non-greasy and it absorbs quickly. It leaves the skin nice and moisturized and scented. I prefer the richer creams for my hands and the drier parts of my skin (elbows, etc).

The Fragrance mist smells sooooo good (yummy!, lol!)! I have the travel size; and, I have actually found that I *prefer* the travel sized fragrance mists from Bath and Body Works over their usual full-sized bottles. I never seem to be able to use those up! Plus, the travel size is great for tossing in your purse to reapply and refresh your scent throughout the day. Since fragrance mists are mostly water, you really can keep refreshing throughout the day without feeling like your scent gets too heavy.

This is a great little set! I hope to get a bubble bath of this same scent soon!  I know that I am getting excited about some of the spring collection scents that are coming out like the new "Carried Away"! :) I am going to have to stop by BBW and try that soon!

Hope you enjoyed this quick post! What scents are you ladies loving lately? Any particular Bath and Body Works Favorites?

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Jessica said...

Great review. I have been hearing lots of great things about both Secret Wonderland and Carried Away scents. I'm going to go by BBW tomorrow and check them both out! I have always used The Japanese Cherry Blossom scent from there, but I think it might be time for a change!

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