Pammy Blogs Beauty: Christmas Gifts! :) (pic heavy)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Gifts! :) (pic heavy)

Hello there my readers! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas!!! I already can't believe its "over"...sign. :) In the spirit of putting away my gifts, I just thought I would snap a few photos and share some gift highlights from this year's Christmas!

I love all my gifts and have such a wonderful and thoughtful family. I truly feel so thankful! While all my gifts were wonderful, I chose to post the ones that ya'll might enjoy seeing (so, the "fashion"/"beauty" items).

OMG!!! I am so excited to get a vanity mirror. Now, I 
just need to get a vanity table! My goal is to get a vanity
"area" set up for doing my makeup and blogging/tutorials. 
Do any of ya'll have suggestions for where to find a small 
affordable vanity table???

Those of you who follow me on twitter know that
I have been lusting after this Coach purse for quite awhile!
So sparkly girlie and pretty!!! LOVE it! I squealed with glee when I opened it! ;)
My dear Hub got this for me! :) I guess those hints worked! 

A beautiful warm wool coat (Express)
from the Hub. In navy blue... 

Cute tops from bebe. I am thinking the the halter one for New Years?

Cute tops and an outfit from Express 

Any Harry Potter fans out there? My brother and his
Family went to the new Harry Potter theme park in Fl a 
few weeks ago. This is what they picked out for me! :)
LOVE it!!! Looks like the Sorting Hat choose Gryffindor for me!
(Okay, pardon the total dork humor here! tee-hee...couldn't resist!)

An assortment of cute jammies, slippers, robe, gift card, etc.
I am soooo excited about this robe as ya'll know I love leopard!!! 

Just thought I would share before I packed all these pretty things away! :) What was your favorite Christmas present this year?


Fifi said...

Aww you got so many awesome goodies for Christmas! I like that Gryffindor t-shirt. Very cool!

spedhead said...

You scored Pam! Great stuff. My favorite was probably the new wedding band Marc (finally) bought me. Loved getting the little box from Tiffany! I also got a really pretty Laura Mercier lipgloss. Happy New Year!!

Ai said...

Great post!! You must have an amazing hubby, judging from his choice of presents :)


Cydonian said...

You got some great stuff :) I love that coat! I also got a vanity mirror, I am so excited!

Tracy D said...

Wow, you must have been GREAT this year because Santa clearly spoiled you. You will love that mirror!

Unknown said...

@Fifi-Love that you are a fellow Harry Potter fan! :)

@spedhead-Kara!!! XOXO!!! YAY for the Tiffany wedding band...I totally agree...there is just something about that little blue box! Can't wait to hear how you like that LM gloss. Love that brand!!!

@CandyApples-Yes, my Hub has a knack for picking out great gifts! :) Hes the best!

@Cyndonain-Hey Wendy! Thats so cool that we both got Vanity mirrors, now only if I had a, soon! In the meantime, it works great at the Kitchen table. ;)

@mybestbeautybuys-Tracy-Awh! Yes, Santa spoiled me. I feel very lucky. And, yes, soooo excited about the mirror! :)

XOXO to you ALL!!! :)

Marisa said...

aww such cute presents!!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Amazing gifts!!!

Unknown said...

@Marisa and @Gaby-Thanks girls!!! XOXO!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone got on the 'good' list with Santa :-) Nice presents! I really like the coat!

Unknown said...

@DalaLuz-Thanks girl! ;)

Unknown said...

Coach handbag- can never go wrong with that Pammy :)...happy it continues on into the unveiling of Snookie in the glitter ball ( geez I am ion NY and I donm't know what they call that thing) lol...<3 said...

you can find great tables at IKEA or even target!

Unknown said...

@BeautyAmbition-Thanks for the tip! I am excited to start looking! :)

sugar sugar said...

lovely gifts for a lovely lady! you sure got many. :)

Unknown said...

@Vyile and @Sugar Sugar-Thanks ladies!!! :)

kellyyes said...

i love your bebe goodies! so cute

Unknown said...

@kellyyes- thanks! I wore the pink top last night and am planning on wearing the halter tonight for New Years.

Unknown said...

@Priscilla-Thanks lady! Ah, so we share a love of Coach too! :) Funny, carrying that Coach purse, OMG...I get so many compliments on it. Nothing like some "everyday bling" to brighten up the day! :) Cute about your Hub too! Sounds like we have some good men!!! XOXO!!!

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