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Friday, November 12, 2010

I *heart* Redken! All-Soft Review

Redken All Soft Line: Review and *total rave*!

Hello readers! Have you tried Redken? It is my absolute fav line of haircare products. This is my first post in a series of articles dedicated to my love of all things Redken!!! I have tried many products by Redken in a variety of their hair-care ranges. So, I will start off with my personal favorite line by Redken: The All Soft line.

FYI: I have long straight thick hair that is fine in texture. It is naturally a dark blond, but I get it highlighted to a light blond color. My hair is dry from the highlights. I always look for shampoos/conditioners/treatment products that are moisturizing, strengthening, detangling, and smoothing. My big "splurge" on myself is going to the salon every 8-10 weeks for highlights. So, I figure, if I am going to fork out the $$ for great highlights...I must take good care of my hair!

The All Soft Line by Redken is ideal for dry, damaged or color treated/highlighted hair. It is my go-to shampoo/conditioner/treatment for moisture. I have repurchased these products over and over again so many times...I can't even count. Total HG status!!! If I want a good hair day...I wash with this hair care line (I do alternate shampoos as I do like trying new things...and sometimes I wash with a protein shampoo. I tend to rotate washing with protein shampoos-either Aphogee or Joico-and a moisturizing one...and occasionally a color correcting one).

Tip: "Evaluate" your hair before you wash it. If it is dry: wash with a moisturizing shampoo (like All Soft). If your hair has had a lot of breakage: either do a protein treatment or wash with a protein shampoo. If your hair has some brassiness: wash with a purple color corrector or do a color correction treatment (please stay tuned for upcoming reviews on various color correction options!!!).

All Soft Shampoo:

  • LOVE the scent...has a sweet honey-type scent. So yummy! 
  • Thick, rich, and concentrated shampoo.
  • Lathers well and leaves hair relatively detangled (if you need to comb out your hair for a protein treatment in between washing and conditioning...this is a great shampoo to use as you can comb out your hair pretty well without conditioner).
  • Cleanses hair without over drying. 

All Soft Conditioner:

  • Thick rich conditioner with the same great scent as the shampoo. 
  • Rinses "clean" no greasy residue...just great moisturized hair. 
  • I apply this from the roots down about to the middle of my hair (I apply the deep conditioner (All Soft Heavy Cream) on the ends: see below)

All Soft Heavy Cream:

  • Deep conditioning hair mask with the same awesome scent as the rest of the All Soft Line.
  • Super thick really coats your hair.
  • My hair is dry enough to use this more than once a week. I use this every time I wash with All Soft: I apply to the bottom 1/3 of my hair (the ends and just above). I use the regular All Soft Conditioner on the top 2/3 of my hair and just concentrate the Heavy Cream on the ends). 
  • About 1x per week or 1x every 2 weeks: I use this on my whole head. 
  • This product amazes me as it is sooooooo moisturizing and thick...yet it doesn't weigh my hair down! Granted...I do have very thick dry hair...but, still, I have not noticed it weighing my hair down at all. 

I love how my hair styles after washing/conditioning/deep treating with the All Soft Line. My hair is left shiny, detangled, and bouncy. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!

Another great thing about Redken...the price! Yes, this is a salon brand, but one of the most affordable brands. With Redken, you get high quality products at a great price. Typically, I buy when Ulta is doing the "Buy 2 get one free" sales...and I always by the Shampoo in a Liter bottle and add a big pump. Ulta has Liter sales periodically where the whole liter is, I believe? $19.99 (and it lasts me forever).

I couldn't recommend this brand any higher!!! Thank you Redken for these great products!!!
Hope you all enjoyed reading. Any other Redken fans out there? What products do you like?

Have a fantastic weekend!!!


Coming Soon:
-Redken Blonde Glam review
-Redken Extreme Review
-Mario Badescu Sample review


Shaylee Anne said...

Great review Pammy! For the record your hair looks gorgeous in all your photos! I don't have coloured hair but the ends get dry because its so long and the air here in so dry! I have never tried Redken, I might have to go try this out! I'm always looking for a good moisturizing conditioner that won't weigh my wavy/curly hair down! :)

Unknown said...

Awh! Thanks Shaylee!!! You are so sweet! :) Yes, I bet the All Soft would work well for smoothing down your ends. I think Redken may also have a line geared towards curly hair? I dont know for sure as my hair is stick straight. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Pricilla! Yes-the red bottle...thats the color extend line, right? I have used that before and *loved* the scent! Redken makes such fantastic products! :) Thanks for the comment girl!

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