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Saturday, October 2, 2010

e.l.f. Cosmetics: General Rave for the brand and current top 5 Elf Products!

Have you ya'll stumbled across e.l.f. (eyes lips face) cosmetics yet at your local Target? If not, you makeup-lovers NEED to!!! Most items are $1.00 each with the Studio line and Mineral line retailing at $3.00-$5 for each product. Bargain! As you guys know...I love a good value in cosmetics...and with these products you are getting a quality product for an unbelievable price. So, overall a general rave for this brand. Expect to see MANY upcoming elf articles on this blog as I have much to say about a variety of elf items; and, I am testing a number of new products right now.

Also, be sure to check out (and sign up for their emails if you want *fantastic* discounts from their website). elf online frequently offers discount codes and 50-75% off products...(and think, when the product is only $1-$3 to begin with, the online sales are *ridiculously* cheap!).

The studio line, by elf, is different from their regular line as the packaging is much sleeker (NARS dupe packaging). Also, the items come boxed versus the regular line's plastic on cardboard/wrap. The mineral line is just available on their website...and it is fantastic too. Here are my top no particular order, love them all!

  • elf Studio Brushes (The 11 Piece Brush Collection): Good makeup application is all about the tools ya'll! These are the *essential* items from elf. Honestly, you don't need High-end brushes for as long as these are available. They are quality brushes that also look sleek and hold up well. I got mine during a "50% Off Studio Line" sale on their website. I got the 11-piece brush collection, normally retailing for $30, for only $15!!! So, 11-brushes plus a case for only $15. That is crazy considering that you can't even buy one MAC brush for $15 (by the way, I do *LOVE* MAC, but honestly, I can't afford to spend that kind of money on brushes, when there are low-priced/quality options available). I only purchase high-end brushes when you can't find a lower-priced equivalent. I will likely do a more in-depth review of the Studio Brushes in another post. But, in general, I love them...and reach for them DAILY! Particular stand outs...are the Powder brush (the one with the flat head) applies powder flawlessly, the "C" eyeshadow brush (LOVE), and the Fan Brush (perfect for dusting on a highlighter). 

  • elf mineral eyeshadow primer. This is a great eyeshadow base. It is a skintone colored liquid formula that helps eyeshadows adhere to the lid. Makes colors apply more vibrantly.

  • elf mineral shadows: Love these!!! A bargain when compared with other mineral brands. My particular fav is:  Elegant (it is a beautiful champagne gold color) I use it as a sheer/shimmery wash of color all over the lid with dramatic/bold eyeliner.

  • elf lipgloss: Super Glossy Lipshine SPF 15: These are the squeeze tube style lipglosses from the $1 ELF line. They are highly pigmented and somewhat sticky (MAC lipglass type texture-almost) with a SPF 15. Great wearable colors! Only con here is the fruity scent (for me personally). P.S. I need to try the ELF mineral minty glosses soon...I am sure the scent/flavor is better for these. 

Hope you enjoyed these mini-reviews and my top 5! What are yours?

Coming soon:
-elf High Definition Powder review
-elf Palettes (Beauty Books)


makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

I have the bronzing duo too! :) This is the perfect dupe for the NARS duo.

Unknown said...

Yes, isn't that great that its a dupe...and for $3! Can't beat that!!!! :)

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