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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Clothing swap!!!

I am so super excited!!! Two girlfriends and I are hosting a clothing swap today. Have you ever been to or heard of a clothing swap before? My friend Amanda (Buford Betty) inspired me as she hosts swaps at least once a year. The idea is that each guest brings at least 5 items of clothing (clean/dry cleaned clothing in good condition), shoes, or accessories. You set up your house like a "store" with clothing racks, trays for jewelry, and sort items into tops, bottoms, dresses. You can bring as much as you like and leave with whatever you like. Its not a 1:1 swap...just take what fits! I suppose if two girls want the same item...we could have a "walk off" to see who wins! We are having Mimosas, desserts, and wine for our guests. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I have gotten some really great items in the past from swaps and have high hopes for today! This is such a great way to try out colors or styles that you might not have spent money on, per se. I will add pictures later to this post.

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Buford Betty said...

Can't wait!!! I need some new goodies!

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