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Friday, September 24, 2010

Can a hairbrush change your life? BrushLab review

So, can a hairbrush change your life? Probably not (I got your attention, right!); but, this brush sure will make drying and styling your hair easier and faster! After watching a glowing youtube review (thanks Michelle and Lisa), I had to try this out! In this case, the brush does live up to its hype!

This is the BrushLab Thermal Round Jumbo Hairbrush. I found my Jumbo brush at my local Ulta (with a coupon of course!); but, it is also available online at and amazon. This brush is HUGE (10 1/2 inches long, barrel diameter 2 1/2 inches not including bristles...I literally just whipped out the tape measure here). But, that is the beauty of it! I am someone with fine, yet very thick long hair. So, it normally takes *forever* for my hair to dry. Also, my hair is highlighted and somewhat dry and damaged. I really try to minimize the amount of heat that i put on my hair by air drying till about 80% dry and then finishing up with the blow drier and a brush.

Things I love about the jumbo brush:

  • This brush probably shaves about 10 mins (at least!) off my total drying time. It does this because the brush is so huge and well vented. I can pull through large chunks of my hair when drying. 
  • The ceramic core smooths the hair cuticle, provides great volume, and a nice "bend" to the hair. 
  • I also love that this brush does not "tug" the hair. Your hair will glide through the bristles of this brush with ease. I believe this has minimized the breakage when compared to other round brushes that I have used because with this brush hair doesn't get "stuck" in the bristles.
  • The grip: The handle has a rubber slippage when styling and very comfortable to hold and manipulate

I loved the jumbo brush so much, that I had to go back to Ulta for the (smaller) BrushLab Medium brush for my bangs. While the jumbo brush is great for the length of my hair, it is way too big for my bangs. The medium brush is perfect for styling bangs. The ceramic core retains heat; so, as I am styling my bangs, I let the brush "sit" in my bangs for a moment after brushing through to set the curve of my bangs. I have so much more volume with this brush rather than a standard round wooden brush.

FYI-my previous fav brush was the classic Aveda wooden paddle brush. I still think this is a great brush, but when I want volume and speed of drying...I will always reach for my new BrushLab brushes.

Honestly, I think the only drawback to the Jumbo BrushLab brush is that it is so huge that it would be extremely bulky to travel with. I also have had to get a bit creative with storage to get it to fit in my brush basket in my tiny bathroom.

Just had to share my raves for these brushes!!! Who doesn't want to simplify their morning routine and get their hair dry faster and with less damage!

Pammy :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pammy!

Great post :)

I'm confused as to which brush to get. on the brush lab website there's "jumbo" "large" and medium" but ulta only seem to stock "large" not the jumbo.

Is this one definitely jumbo?

Thanks xx

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