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Monday, May 8, 2017

Top 6 Most Useful Budgeting Apps

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Financial planning is a tough skill to learn, especially as your needs and responsibilities change. Luckily, there are a lot of useful budgeting apps designed to help you save and manage your money. The problem is that since there are so many apps out there today, making a choice can be just as difficult as keeping track of your spending.

Here are the six best budgeting apps out there – so that you don’t have to stress about anything other than sticking within those spending limits.


Mint is one of the best finance apps out there, provided you have a bit of an understanding of what managing a home budget is all about. It offers great personalization options, but it’s more than just a budgeting tool – you can track and pay bills, and check your credit score, all within the app environment. Mint is a great tool if you’re looking to simplify your home finances by replacing multiple sites and apps with one service. Best of all, it's free.

You Need a Budget

As the name suggests, You Need a Budget (shortened to YNAB) is an app that is strictly focused on helping you to better manage your money. The premise is simple: you tell the app how much you earn and how much you think you spend (yes, be sure to include all the dining out you do), and it aggregates your bank accounts and bills until you get a handle on the reality of your riches.
You can get a free trial of YNAB for 34 days, and students get a free 12 months in addition to that. After that, you'll have to add the yearly fee of $50 to your budget under "YNAB payment."  It is a little intensive up front, but if you’re looking for a tool to budget with the aim of saving, then this is the app for you.


Most of us live our lives on the move, and EveryDollar has taken this into account.
Apart from its super easy budgeting tools that are mostly visual, what sets this useful budgeting app apart is the convenient sync function. You can manage your money online from any device, and that means that you can make adjustments on-the-go instead of waiting until you’re home (and have forgotten your calculations). EveryDollar is fast, easy, and mobile, making it one of the best budgeting apps around.

Spending Tracker

Learning how to budget, at its core, is straightforward – you must know how much money comes in, how much you’re going to spend, and how much you have in your account at all times.
Spending Tracker is ideal if you need a simple, overall spending tool.  It allows you to allocate expenses and income per month, and gives you a detailed summary at the end. It's great if you want to manage your money without worrying about every single detail.


One of the reasons why people avoid budgeting is because of the perception that anything financial is complex. Albert solves this problem by removing all the technical terms to help you make better decisions on managing your money.
One of the standout features of Albert is its overall financial health score, out of 100. It gives you an instant assessment on what your budget is looking like, and prompts you to make simple decisions that put more money in your pocket (like lowering credit card payments). It’s a powerful app with great security features, and is also the most aesthetically pleasing of the best budgeting apps.

Personal Capital

This is the app to get if you’re looking for a financial experience that matches the real world. Personal Capital offers you simplicity and key financial functionality, but with the added advantage of personal attention from licensed financial advisors. You can speak one-on-one with these advisors, and learn to manage your money more effectively. If you want to go beyond budgeting and grow your wealth, this is the best budgeting app for you.

What Works for You?

With such a broad range of budgeting and financial tools out there, all you need to do is ask yourself what your financial needs are. Once you know whether you want to grow, simplify, or manage your money, you can choose an app that’s perfectly suited to you.

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